See: the brightly coloured fields in the Flower Bulb Region

See: the brightly coloured fields in the Flower Bulb Region

Now in the field, later in your vase

You probably recognise them from the photos, paintings and postcards: the brightly coloured flower fields in the Bulb Region (Dutch: Bollenstreek) in the Netherlands. Normally completely crowded with tourists, we got to take an exclusive look and capture the fields in peace.

The Bulb Region

Are you familiar with the bulb region? It is an area in the Netherlands that lies between the cities of Haarlem, Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague. Flower bulbs have been grown here for hundreds of years and fields full of flowers are admired here every spring. The flower bulbs thrive in this area: the soil is rich in fresh water and the close proximity to the sea means there is less chance of fungi and viruses appearing in the crops. These conditions ensure beautiful tulip fields year after year.

From bulb to flower

It is worth appreciating that the ground has been preparing for this colourful flower explosion for a while. The flowers that are now in bloom were already planted in the autumn. In the months that followed – the colder months - the bulbs were able to develop strong roots. When the flower rears its head in spring, the grower quickly cuts off the flower head. In doing so, all the energy can go back into the flower bulb and the bulb can multiply in the soil, making it increasingly stronger. When summer begins and the flower bulbs are ripe enough, they are removed from the ground. A process which is called ‘grubbing up’. So you see, the bulb fields are not simply there to be photographed, they ensure that you all get the very best flowers!

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