bloomon summer flower guide: our tropical blooms

bloomon summer flower guide: our tropical blooms

The key stems of our summer collection and care tips to make them last

June’s in bloom. It’s time to get lost in floral paradise because our summer bouquets are brighter, bolder, and more tropical than ever.


Our summer bouquet collection, RESORT, is inspired by sunny beaches and luxurious summer getaways: a beach house on the Amalfi coast, sailing on azure water off Santorini, and strolling along the French Riviera. Look for tropical textures mixed with powerful colour and refreshing pastels. A vacation in your vase.

Here are the summer stems to expect with flower care tips to help keep your flowers fresh for longer in the summer heat:



Nickname : Red hot poker

Family : Asphodelaceae

In a blaze of fiery red, tropical Kniphofia uvaria is a hardy, long-lasting beauty in your vase. Part of family Asphodelaceae (try saying that after a few piña coladas), kniphofia is native to Africa.

Tips & Tricks : Rather than always being poker straight, kniphofia stems can bend a little or twist to catch the sun – just like tulips!



Nickname : Swiss cheese plant

Family : Araceae

Originating from the tropical rainforests of southern Mexico, Monstera deliciosa gets its name from the Latin word for monstrous. Why? It can grow up to 9 metres! The holes in monstera leaves help capture more sunlight in their natural habitat on the rainforest floor.

Tips & Tricks : Monstera leaves will last for weeks without yellowing if kept out of direct sun. Why not display it as a single stem in a mini vase in somewhere like your bathroom for a tropical accent.



Nickname : Larkspur, Knight's spur

Family : Ranunculaceae

Delphiniums get their name from delphis, the Latin for dolphin, because the nectary looks like a dolphin's fin. Larkspur represents a carefree spirit – perfect for summer!

Tips & Tricks : The best flower care is to refresh your vase water and retrim 1-2 cm off the stem every three days. Remember, always wash your hands after cutting delphinium stems.



Nickname : Lobster-claws, Toucan peak

Family : Heliconiaceae (vines)

Native to the tropical Americas, hummingbirds are the only pollinator of heliconia. All varieties of heliconia are natural hybrids thanks to their loyal hummingbirds. Heliconia cousins are bananas, gingers, and birds of paradise (Strelitzia).

Tips & Tricks : Heliconia ‘flowers’ are actually modified leaves and bracts that protect the true flowers and nectar inside!



Nickname : Desert Candle, Foxtail lily

Family : Asphodelaceae

Eremurus comes from the Greek eremia, meaning ‘desert’ and oura, meaning ‘tail’. Its two common names are a mix of both: desert candle and foxtail lily. One species, Eremurus robustus, can grow over 3 metres high, making it one of the tallest flowers on the planet!

Tips & Tricks : To provide extra energy to bloom when you first receive your bouquet, add a sachet of flower food. Do this just once at the beginning. A combo of too much flower food and summer weather wilts flowers faster!



Nickname : Cockscomb

Family : Amaranthaceae

Celosia reminds us of coral at the bottom of the ocean, but the name comes from the Greek kḗleos, meaning ‘burning’. More than just a beauty, celosia is cultivated as a leafy vegetable in places like Mexico and tropical Africa.

Tips & Tricks : Celosia is fungi and bacteria sensitive, which can cause the ‘comb’ to flop. When you refresh your vase water every 3 days. This staves off bacteria growth.



Nickname : Pincushion flower

Family : Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle)

Nectar-rich Scabiosa atropurpurea is adored by butterflies and bees – and us! Pretty petals, needle-thin pistils, and refreshing pastel shades, this summer bloomer is a stunner.

Tips & Tricks : To keep their delicate stems strong, trim stems and refresh vase water every 3 days so they can draw water for turgidity. Scabiosas last longest in your vase when kept cool and out of all-day direct sun.



Nickname : Gooseneck

Family : Primulaceae (primrose)

Named after Lysimachus, an ancient Sicilian king and successor of Alexander the Great. Legend says that King Lysimachus calmed an angry ox by feeding it this flower. Time to kick back and enjoy lysimachia relaxing summer vibes!

Tips & Tricks : Higher temperatures mean water evaporates more quickly. Add extra water to your vase to keep flowers fresh and hydrated over the course of the day.



Nickname : Globe thistle

Family : Asteraceae (sunflower)

Sun’s out, time to get wild and free like ocean-blue Echinops ritro. With broad prickly leaves and round, bushy flower heads, it’s known as a ‘globe thistle’, although it’s actually not a thistle at all.

Tips & Tricks : Echinops are great for drying and keep their colour. Dry upside down so the stem stays strong and straight.

Want these flowers in your home? Our summer bouquet collection is a vacation in vase.