Replant your stems to give your plants a second life

Replant your stems to give your plants a second life

Increase the lifespan of a bouquet and propagate your brave flowering plants! With a little patience and love, some of the decorative branches and foliage can take root after a while. If you invest in these stems they can enjoy a second life. Find out which stems from our bouquets are able to take a second life and how to best help them do so with the help of our tips.

Sturdy stems

It is important to understand that not all stems from your bunch are suitable for replanting. The cut flowers in your bouquet cannot take root, but leafy greens such as Cordyline or branches such as the Salix or chestnut can. Two woody branches that you can currently find in our bouquets are the Cornus "abeel" and the Cornus "alba kesselringii". So if you spot these, don't throw them away after the rest of your flowers have finished flowering. Lets try and plant them!

Flower on the table in a vase
Plant in a pot in front of the window

The art of cuttings

You can replant stems in different ways. Since the stems from your bouquet have already been cut off the plant in a certain way by the grower, the easiest way is to put the stems in a separate vase. Use a transparent vase so that you can easily check the water and keep an eye on whether the stem is already taking root.

The best place for growing your stems

Find a light place for your vase which is not in direct sunlight because then the leaves can burn. All you have to do is change the water regularly and be patient. It may take several weeks for your stems to take root. Note: leave the stem as it is - don't cut it off when changing the water.

Plant in a pot next to a pile of bouquet

Roots? Put them in the ground!

Plant your stem or branch in a pot with soil. Use a pot with a hole at the bottom and place it on a dish. This way the plant does not get ‘wet feet’; which they really do not like. Too much water can cause your leafy greens to turn yellow or even to rot and die. Check the moisture level in your pot by regularly sticking your finger a few inches deep into the soil. Does everything feel dry? Time for water.

Plant outside against a wall

Picture: @laurasprengerscott85

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