Peonies to dahlias: how long should my flowers stay fresh?

Peonies to dahlias: how long should my flowers stay fresh?

Tips from our in-house floral experts on delicate flower care

Every type of flower is beautiful and unique. And each variety requires its own — and sometimes additional — care. This is especially so in the summer when natural elements affect things like freshness and longevity.

Our goal is simple: deliver fresh, stylish bouquets straight from the field that spread happiness for ten days — more with the right care! Here are some tips from our in-house floral expert, Anton, on how to care for the especially delicate flowers in your bouquet.

From farm to front door

Every stem in a bloomon bouquet is carefully selected from our local growers. The flowers are then hand-tied with love and sent to you with a smile.

Ding dong, time for the best bit: arranging and caring for your bouquet. It only takes a few Tips and Tricks to keep even the most delicate flowers looking gorgeous and staying fresh for longer in your vase.


With their bright petals, sunflowers quite literally bring the sunshine indoors. Their big, seed-laden flowerheads are heavy and sensitive to temperature change, and so sunflowers have a tendency to droop. Counter this by refreshing the vase water and cutting the stem on a sharp angle every three days.

Vase Life : 7-8 days

ProTip : a lot of moisture evaporates from the leaves. Removing them retains moisture essential for keeping sunflowers fresh and perky.


Dahlias come in many colours, varieties, and sizes, making it a bona fide bloomon favourite! Did you know that wild dahlias can grow up to two meters in their native Mexico?

Dahlia stems dry out quickly. When you arrange a bouquet with a dahlia in it, add it to your vase first. Remember to cut the stem on a sharp angle.

Vase Life : 7-9 days


With their powder-puff petals and charming colours that ooze femininity, peonies are a standout in any arrangement. Their beauty is fleeting — peony season is short, and sadly, so is their vase-life.

Peonies are hypersensitive to light and heat: the warmer and brighter it is, the quicker they bloom. Try cutting the stem short, so water doesn’t have to travel as far to nourish the flower. Crazy, but it works.

Vase Life : 5 days. Less in sweltering weather (heartbreaking, we know).

ProTip : Help your peony last longer by delaying the flowering process. Move it to a cool, dark room at night.


Does any other flower smell as sweet as a freesia? Probably not. And with its bright comb of florets, this delicate, fragrant flower is a favourite of every insect around — and us.

Your freesia will arrive in the bud, ready to bloom. Encourage it to blossom by adding the sachet of flower food to your vase at the beginning.

Vase Life : 8 days

ProTip : Flower food contains glucose that helps flowers bloom when they first arrive. Don’t be tempted to use refined sugar in place of your flower food — it makes freesias wilt faster.

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