Origami: yoga for the mind

Origami: yoga for the mind

We have a new saying at bloomon: Fold the paper, open your mind. This weekend, buy square sheets of paper because origami – the Japanese art of paper folding – is making a big comeback. Unwind away from your screen and let your hands create beautiful designs: folding paper is the perfect yoga for the mind.

Origami is an ancient and peaceful craft that only requires a piece of paper and two hands. ‘Folders’ is what the modern origamists like to call themselves. The most famous origami design is the orizuru , or the Japanese crane. In Japan, the crane is known as one of the mystical creatures that was thought to live for 1,000 years. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand of these origami cranes – called senbazuru – will be granted with a wish or even eternal good luck. Not a bad gift for friends and family, right?

The symbol of healing

The thousand origami cranes were popularised through the story of Sadako Sasaki, a Japanese girl who was only two years old at the disaster of Hiroshima in 1945. At age 11, Sadako was diagnosed with leukemia caused by the bomb. Sadako spent all her time in hospital folding over a thousand paper cranes with whatever paper she could get. Her wish: getting well again and to gain peace and recovery to all the war victims of the world. To this day, Sadako is a symbol of the innocent victims of nuclear war.

Mindful folding

Whether you create a simple paper boat, a beautiful flower or the ultimate classic crane: creating your origami design is a great way to relax and let the day’s tension melt away. By focusing on the rules and getting the folds in the right place you are putting order to things. This repetitive and delicate exercise has a calming effect and improves your ability to be in the moment and truly focus. And another big benefit: when you practice origami you are moving all of your brain. By having fun and creating beautiful things you work on your hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and mental concentration!

Don’t delay, start today!

One tip: if you are a beginner a classic origami crane might be a little bit too ambitious. Start with simple shapes! We’ve found a beautiful origami vase for you to start with. Perfect to put dried flowers in like the Limonium sinuatum or the Trachelium flower. Don’t forget to show us the result! Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram with #bloomon

DIY: upgrade your vase with origami

Choose a piece of paper in any colour you like. Strong, thick, colourful paper works best!

Measure the height of your vase and make sure your paper fits around it. In this example we are using our tall bloomon mini vase (get them here !). Our sheet size: 18 x 42 cm.

Draw horizontal and vertical lines over the entire piece of paper, spaced about 6 cm apart. The pattern of your vase is determined how many centimeters you chose, so we encourage you to play with various spacing! Then start drawing the diagonal lines through all the squares.

Fold all the horizontal lines in the same direction. Without cutting the paper, we recommend using something sharp to make the folding easier. Then start folding the diagonal lines. Glue the ends together and place over your vase. Enjoy!