New Romantics: Our Autumn Collection. A new bouquet collection for the love of flowers. New Romantics lives in your daydreams. It’s a collection for true flower lovers. In fact, it’s a collection for all lovers. Whether it’s music, art, travel, or that special someone, the next seven weeks celebrate your passion. Simply to savour and enjoy what you love.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRBX4ZDqQTc[/embedyt] After strolling through central London last year, as the leaves turned to gold and began to fall, we had a thought: ‘Who do you fall for?’
We took inspiration from the lyricism of nouveau R&B, a genre that crafts art from love – think Frank Ocean and Solange. Spinning their words with colours and textures, with a little help from dramatic flowers painted by 17th century Dutch Masters, the New Romantics were born.

This bouquet collection is a thing of fantasy. Of melodrama. Of poetry. Of you. Creating a sort of floral language to communicate with these delicate natural blooms. Arrangements of unusual seasonal blooms that come alive in your home. Whispers carried by scent.

At its core, New Romantics is a new way of looking at flowers. We’re putting the spotlight on the beauty of single stems within a bouquet. A single flower is stunning – its form, its colour, its petals, its shape. Even more interesting is its history, its story.

Dreamy dahlias. Cascading amaranthus. Crimson celosia. Alluring lilium. Ornate Alluring lilium. Ornate ornithogalum. Velveteen roses.. Velveteen roses.

Who do you fall for?