New flower alert! Meet our unique white sunflower

New flower alert! Meet our unique white sunflower

A bloomon bouquet exclusive!

Sunflowers are synonymous with summer. And with bright yellow petals that flare out like sun rays, sunflowers and the sun are pretty much twins. Well, we’re all made of stardust, right?

Heavens above! Your stars have aligned if, like us, you’re a fan of sunflowers. There’s a very special sunflower in a number of our summer bouquets: Helianthus ‘White Knight’. You won't find it anywhere else. It was created and grown by one of our Dutch growers, specifically for our RESORT summer bouquet collection.

The Big Bang: The bloomon white sunflower is born

We take a lot of pride in our flowers and the growers who cultivate them. We have a unique collaborative relationship with them.

Our bouquets are designed in collections, inspired by trends of the moment. Then we work very closely with growers, to source the finest seasonal flowers and in this case, cultivated a never-before-seen variety of flower. Fast forward to today, and we have a crop of stunning white sunflowers ready for our bouquets!

A matter of cosmic beauty

Our RESORT summer bouquet collection is inspired by sunny coastlines and luxury getaways. So we wanted to create a sunflower that reflected that – white sandy beaches and creamy piña coladas.

Standing about 1.5 metres, this single-headed flower is part of family Asteraceae. It’s made up of hundreds of inflorescences. Tiny flowers, that together, look like one big flower. Sunflowers are made up of ray florets, which are the characteristic yellow or white petals, and disc florets. Disc florets make up the dark centre and enable the sunflower to reproduce. All those sunflower seeds? Are technically little fruits.

Sun worshipper

All sunflowers are heliotropic. They track the sun as it moves across the sky during the day. The flower heads face wherever the sun shines, which is why if you look at a time lapse of a sunflower, they appear to dance.


Vase-life and flower care

It’s natural that the vase-life of flowers can be affected during warm summer months. Sunlight speeds up the blooming process, bacteria grows faster in the vase, and water evaporates from petals faster, drying them out.

We always deliver our bouquets direct from the grower to make sure they’re as fresh as possible. However, here are some flower care tips to make your helianthus last longer:

  1. Cut the stem on a sharp diagonal before putting it in your vase.
  2. Refresh the water every 2-3 days. Every other day if it’s really hot!
  3. Recut the stem on a diagonal whenever you change the water.

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