Never too many mini vases. Make the most of your bouquet

Never too many mini vases. Make the most of your bouquet

Mini vases. The most fun you can have with one bouquet. They’re perfect for doing what we love most, spreading happiness throughout your home. Miniature displays and multi purposing – we like to think of mini vases as a game. Just how far will my bouquet go?

Before we encourage you to ‘divide and conquer’ with your beautiful bloomon bouquet, here are the key tips and tricks to keep your flowers looking fresh for as long as possible in your arrangement.

1. Sparkle and shine

Crystal clear water is key. When you first fill your vase, use the little packet of flower food to nourish your plants. After a 2-3 days, refresh the water. Less germs, longer lasting blooms!

2. Revive wilted flowers

Re-cut your stems. Often the bottom of stems have a hard time absorbing water. A fresh cut – at a nice angle, like the bottom of a drinking straw – will do just the trick. The angle increases the surface area for better absorption.

3. Deadheading

Keep your longer lasting blooms fresh by taking out stems past revival and removing over-wilted buds. ‘Deadheading’ channels energy into the blooming flowers, meaning healthier flowers that continue to bloom.

4. Stubborn as the wind

Blooms can be picky. Make sure they feel right at home in your home by placing them away from drafts, direct sunlight, radiators and fruit.

Your bouquet will look beautiful for upward of 10 days. But, there will come a time when only the very strongest, longest lasting flowers remain. Too few to remain in the vase. Too many to waste. Now is the time to get creative with mini vases!

5. Centerpiece

Dinner party with friends? Netflix and chill? Use one or more mini vases to dress your table or coffee table.

6. Bookends

Spice up your shelves by placing an array of mini vases at either end – bookend books with flowers!

7. Bathroom blooms

If you think about it, we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom (beyond the obvious) – showering, shaving, doing makeup, brushing teeth and so on. Why not spruce up one of the most used but unappreciated rooms in your home with a little flower love.

8. Gift them

We are all about spreading happiness. Why not invite some friends for tea (or wine) and give them a cute mini vase filled with a few beautiful blooms. Everyone loves a gift, no matter how small.

9. Windowsill display

Emphasize the beauty of single stems. One flower in each mini vase; they’ll really stand out

10. Reuse, recycle, repurpose

The quest of the finding the perfect mini vase. Use empty liquor bottles, old jars, or perfume bottles. Markets and secondhand shops are a mecca for finding vintage or interesting glassware and pottery for extremely good prices.

The name of the game is to spread happiness in the form of flowers throughout your home. A beautiful stem says so much. Give them a new lease of life, showcase them in mini vases.

Get creative. Spread happiness.