Meet the new ceramic vase

Meet the new ceramic vase

A new classic: stylish through the seasons

This holiday season (and beyond), we’re putting nature at the heart of the home. Our bouquet collection, THE GIFT OF STYLE , is about redefining the way we decorate the home with flowers for the festive season.

To give your bloomon bouquet a new look, we’ve launched a set of ceramic vases that balance timeless style and handcrafted design.


Glamour in full bloom

Our holiday bouquet collection sets the festive tone at home, getting you in the mood for party season. Chic floral details, like velveteen roses, fragrant eucalyptus, and gleaming berries and are accentuated in our new ceramic vase.

The glazed vase, available in three sizes, has been designed to complement the shape and sumptuous colours of our bouquets and is modelled on our iconic glass vase. The natural, honey-cream tone and textured surface give a handcrafted feel to the sophisticated curves of the vase. Exuding warmth and style, it’s the perfect piece to showcase the glamour of our festive bouquets.

A vase for every season

Exclusively available from bloomon, we like to think of our ceramic vase as the little black dress of vases: essential, versatile, timeless.

The earthy colour, rustic finish, and sophisticated form make it an instant classic for every season — not just the holidays. Its aesthetic looks equally chic against the festive reds, vivacious violets, and champagne pinks of winter flowers as it does with fresh spring yellows and tropical summer stems in exotic colours.


How to arrange flowers in the ceramic vase

The beauty of the ceramic vase is how it always seems to make flowers look good. But to make sure the guest of honour at your table — your fresh flowers — look their best, there are tips and tricks to remember when arranging your bouquet.

  1. Start by sorting your stems out into three piles: short/soft stems, medium/woody stems, and tall stems. It’s easier to see what you’re working with.

  2. Make a frame in your vase using 3-4 medium stems. Think teepee. Branches work well here to make a strong framework.

  3. Start building your arrangement by laying stems over the framework. The frame supports softer stems.

  4. Keep turning your vase to create an even, all-around arrangement.

  5. Add more stems. Distribute flowers evenly, giving each flower room to bloom.

  6. Add the tallest stems last to create drama, height, and texture in your flower arrangment.

*Voilà! *


TIPS & TRICKS : Remember to trim 1-2 cm off each stem at an angle before putting it into your vase. This extends the vase-life of your flowers. For more on flower care, go to our tips and tricks page.

Order our new ceramic vase exclusively from bloomon. Log into your account and go to ‘Extras’ to add it to your next delivery.

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