Make your own wreath, the bloomon way!

Make your own wreath, the bloomon way!

Deck the halls with a handmade wreath this holiday. In our version, elegant, fragrant foliage meets fresh, bold flowers. Whether you hang it on your front door or use it as a table decoration, this stunning wreath turns heads. Our in-house florists share how to make your very own contemporary wreath, the bloomon way!

What you’ll need:

  • Secateurs
  • Paper wire
  • 5 x Cornus alba branches
  • 3 x birch twigs
  • 2 x stems of rose hip
  • 1 olive branch
  • 1 Eucalyptus opulus branch
  • 1 Cupressus arizonica ‘arctic’ branch
  • Gypsophila / baby’s breath
  • Flowers of your choice

How to:

  1. Bend and flex the Cornus alba branches to make them more flexible. This makes it easier to bend them into a ring.
  2. Layer two Cornus alba branches with a one third overlap, tip to cut end. Bind them together with wire, wrapping several times to secure. Repeat this step, so the three branches are joined together.
  3. Bend the tied Cornus alba branches into ring, about 50 cm in diameter. Bind the joining point securely with a piece of wire. Weave any extra branch into the circle to secure and neaten the shape.
  4. Take the remaining two cornus branches and weave them into the circle, reinforcing it. Use wire to secure the wreath frame as necessary.
  5. Take a birch twig and tuck the end into the circular frame and weave it round. Repeat with the remaining twigs, layering them like a wicker basket, weaving them to fill out the wreath.
  6. Cut two pieces of Cupressus and cross the two ends over each other. Lay them on the frame and secure with wire.
  7. Lay two pieces of olive branch on the frame in the same way, and add a sprig of eucalyptus. Tie all three pieces with one wire. Make sure it’s tied tightly as the stems shrink when they dry and could come loose.
  8. Attach the rosehip in the same way, but in a different place so that the wreath doesn’t get bulky in one area. Trim any ends that are sticking out.
  9. Tuck the Gypsophila in between into the foliage.
  10. Trim the flower stem, so it’s a few centimetres long. This makes it easier to attach it to your wreath. Ready a piece of wire by wrapping it round the stem a few times, then push the flower gently into the position you’d like it in the wreath and secure with wire.

Voilà! Your wreath is ready to rock.

Tips and tricks

Replace the fresh flowers in your wreath when they begin to wilt. You can always take blooms from your SHINE bouquets to keep your wreath fresh and different throughout the holidays.

You can make smaller versions of this wreath using just one Cornus branch, still using sprigs of evergreens and fresh flowers. You’ll have it down to a fine art in no time!

The foliage will dry beautifully and will last throughout the holiday season and beyond – year-round wreaths look lovely as a wall hanging and symbolize inner strength.

We’d love to see your festive wreaths! Share your creations with us and the community on Instagram or Facebook using @bloomonUK / #bloomonUK.