Make it personal: 4 tips for a magical Christmas table

Make it personal: 4 tips for a magical Christmas table

The dining table is the sparkling highlight this Christmas. It’s the place where we dine well, share stories and where you can outdo yourself when it comes to styling. This year the table will probably less full than other years, but either way, let’s make it cosy. With our tips dressing the table will be easy-peasy.

No Christmas stress this year, with these styling tips you’ll have it all under control!

1. A good start goes a long way

Just like when you're decorating the tree, pick one main colour that sets the tone; this colour is the base for your Christmas table. Are you going for a popping colour palette or rather pick soft, nude tones? Tip: choose one colour group (for example shades of brown) as a base, you can make a statement later on with the plates and decorations.

bloomon kerst tafel

2. Make it personal: what’s your style?

Consider which style you want to go for, like Scandi style where natural elements and minimalism play a huge part. Or maybe this year you’ll go for an authentic Christmas style (hello throwback!), with glassware and traditional Christmas colours like red, green and gold at the centre of it all.

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3. Add a touch of you

As you’re busy playing stylist anyway, wouldn’t it be fun to add a customized element? In this DIY we explain how you can make a modern Christmas wreath with fresh or dried flowers. Great to place on the table or hang on the wall.

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4. The finishing touch…

OK, now the table is set, but we shouldn’t forget about that one special guest. Have your interior blossom during the holidays with flowers! Especially for Christmas our floral shop is well stocked with the most gorgeous floral design. From stylish fresh bouquets and matching limited edition vases to deluxe dried flowers on a pedestal; dot the i’s and cross the t’s with our holiday collection or surprise someone else with our festive designs.

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We are very curious to see how you are decorating your table this holiday season. Share your magical moments with #bloomon.