Let’s brunch! Easter table setting inspiration

Let’s brunch! Easter table setting inspiration

Easter brunch: the best excuse to dress up your table like something from an interior styling magazine and day-drink all afternoon

Just mention the word ‘brunch’ and we all start salivating with thoughts of buttery croissants and hot cross buns. But what if we told you, Easter brunches aren’t just about the food? This springtime celebration falls right around the time when fields are bursting into bloom and we are filled with new, creative energy. It’s the perfect time to roll up our sleeves and try something new with table decor. Think tablescape of pastels, a menagerie of eggs, coloured glass and, of course, fresh spring flowers !


Tip 1

Soothing shades of spring

Colour is probably the most important decision when decorating your table. It sets the mood and impacts your happiness levels. For your Easter brunch table, think of mixing textures and hues in a monotone colour spectrum that reflects what’s happening outside: golden narcissus springing up, forsythia hedges bursting into yellow, and the sun’s rays creating a warmer glow. From cream to rich honey, lemon-yellow to chocolate-brown, mixing lots of different natural shades of the same colour creates a bright and vibrant tablescape, whilst remaining cosy and very inviting.


Tip 2

Touchable textures

2019's hottest interior trends are coloured glass, artisinal ceramics, and contemporary bouquet arrangements.

Textures and table settings go together like champagne and orange juice. Both are great on their own, but combine the two and magic happens! The best part is, you can’t go wrong when layering and mixing natural materials and textures — especially if they work colour-wise. On your Easter brunch table try pairing hand-crafted, clotted cream-glazed plates and bowls with chic amber tumblers, a linen table cloth, gold-metallic cutlery, and cosy woven placemats.


Tip 3

Divide and conquer

It’s no secret. At bloomon, we love mini vases . Whether you go for glass or ceramic — they instantly add floral style to your Easter table setting.

When styling mini vases: Choose 2-3 flowers of complimenting colours and contrasting textures to go into each mini vase. For a statement look, make sure each stem is a different height in the vase. Do this by holding the stems in one hand. Arrange them at the desired different heights in your hand, and then cut the stems at the bottom in one line. When you put them in the mini vase, they’ll naturally sit in a stylised way!


Tip 4

The power of flowers

What pairs well with a beautiful bouquet on your table? Everything. That’s the beauty of fresh flowers. They compliment everything around — your table setting and your guests. Spring flowers like tulips, forsythia, and snapdragons are in their prime and they deserve to shine as your Easter table centrepiece!

Your bloomon bouquet taking centre stage is no understatement. Order a bloomon bouquet for Easter and be delighted by our stylist's Easter-themed design, bursting in sunny yellows, perfect peach, and pops of fresh green and lilac.