It’s spring: these chores will energise you

It’s spring: these chores will energise you

It’s spring! And spring vibes will make your hands itch to create new things. We love to inspire you with energy-boosting chores you can do around the house.

1. Clean your cabinet of vases

Spring is always a good season to start clearing out. A tidy house = a clear mind. Take some time to dust off your vases and clean them properly because that will also make your flowers last longer. Finding ones that you can do without? Give your vase a second go and gift them to someone. Looking for a new gem? Take a look in our floral shop where we offer perfectly sized vases suitable for any type of bouquet.

A marble fireplace with all bloomon vases on it

2. Take a good look at your flower arranging tools

Arranging and caring for flowers is a lot like gardening. To keep flowers looking beautiful, you have to regularly care for them and for that you need more than just your hands. Especially when you want to do more with flowers than just placing them in a vase. Discover the best tools to arrange and care for your bouquet as well as possible

The bloomon style set and a white and yellow striped cloth

3. Work with nature

The ultimate spring feeling if you’d ask us? Working with nature, in any shape or form. Roll up your sleeves and get to work in your garden, on your balcony or get some outdoor inside. Sow and grow spring bloomers inside in a little greenhouse, replant your balcony plants or take some greenery from your garden and place it inside. For example, cut a branch with green leaves and divide it into mini-vases to get a botanical look in your home.

Two hands taking care of flowers

4. Get started with one of our DIY's

Curious about our DIY projects. From drying flowers yourself to making a flower crown: give your own creativity the space to create. How’s that for a lovely spring chore...

5. Bring your own bloomon masterpiece to life

Flower arranging is an art form. But you can never go wrong. There are a few basic rules though to make your bouquet the shining centre of attention. Our florists share their ultimate tips & tricks for arranging the bouquets. Making flower arranging a fun and relaxing activity.

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