Inside the homes of flower fans: interior tips and blooming inspiration

Inside the homes of flower fans: interior tips and blooming inspiration

Looking for interior inspo? We’ve got it for you, straight from some of our flower fans! They’ll tell you all about the best spots to place flowers in your home and share their personal tips to make your home autumn-proof with style.

Belinda - @b.wohnbar

"Flowers can quickly change a home; they just brighten up my entire flat! The perfect spot for flowers? I love placing the Flowerstone on a high cupboard in the bedroom or dining area. But on long days in the home office, I always place flowers on my desk.

I’d describe my interior style as minimalistic. To create a warm and cosy vibe during autumn, I like to combine light colours with different textures and materials. To warm up my interior during the darker seasons, I hang little lights in various rooms in my home.”

Beyza - @b.eyzadogan

“My interior style can be best described as timeless and individual. I love decorating my home with furniture that I can mix and match. Often I add a personal touch to certain pieces by customising them.

To brighten up my home during autumn and winter, I use a lot of tablecloths and pillowcases with a floral print and light a lot of candles. Flowers just make everything look more friendly and homely. Whether it’s fresh or dried flowers; they make me happy and add a warm ambience to each room. That’s why I place the Flowergram in the spot where I spend most of my time during the day. Often the dining room or kitchen.”

Frauke - @pippilottaaushamburg

“My home is inspired by simplicity with pops of colour. In my flat, you’ll always find fresh flowers. The freshen up my flat, and boost my mood. I love placing them on the dining table or in the lounge.

To make my home autumn proof, I prefer to use small sources of light instead of switching on my bigger lamps. This way, my space feels cosier. Tip: change your curtains for lighter ones during the darker seasons, this will make your home feel lighter and cosier. Even on days when it’s all dark outside.”

The bouquet pictured is the Pixie.

Nikkie - @nikkiedendekker

"I want to tell a story with my interior style. We live in an old school building, a lot of items here are a subtle nudge to the heritage of this building. Our style is a mix of vintage, Scandi and boho style. A light base in your home just gives me a sense of ease and calm but can feel a bit cold. That’s why I mix it up with wooden and other warm materials, and of course, flowers! Flowers really add to a warm and homely ambience. I also feel that the Flowerstone looks better with a light background.

My favourite spot for flowers? That has to be the dining table. We have a long table and I love to entertain friends and family. On those moments, I decorate the table and a beautiful bouquet is always the finishing touch.”

Monica - @monicavanblitterswijk

"In my interior, you’ll find a lot of black, white and grey. Flowers add more colour and softness and brighten up my home when days are dark and gloomy. I always place this Deluxe bouquet right in the centre of my lounge, so they’ll immediately catch your eyes when you enter. So that’s either on the coffee table or dining table. The flowers make me so happy, I can look at them for hours.

My ultimate tip for autumn? Cocoon on your sofa! Get as many blankets and pillows as possible and boost your home with flowers. Flowers are a must!”

Madelon - @madelonmeijer

“I love the Japandi style and you can see that in our interior. I combine light oak with black, white and neutral colours. But there’s also a hint of pink in our home. Because our interior style is so calm, flowers are always the eye-catchers. I usually place my Atelier bouquet in the lounge, so I can watch it from all angles.”