Inside The Atelier: Berlin’s Mia Moss

Inside The Atelier: Berlin’s Mia Moss

Part potter, part community builder, ceramicist Mia Moss embodies the spirit of peonies – mesmerising as they bloom.

bloomon’s spring bouquets burst with colour and creativity. ATELIER , our most recent collection, is inspired by the way artists create. Over the next seven weeks, we’ll be stepping inside the atelier to meet the artists who inspire us. From Berlin to Belgium, painting to pottery, their work aims to inspire others to unlock their own inner artist.

Meet Mia.

Playful. Colourful. Adventurous.

An airy atelier flooded with sunlight, splattered with clay and blue glazes. There’s faces on vases. At the wheel, sits Berlin-based ceramicist Mia Moss of Moss Keramik. Her playfulness shines through her creations. Part potter, part community builder, part social entrepreneur empowerer, she embodies the spirit of peonies – mesmerising as they bloom.

What does the art of creating mean to you?

Being human. It’s getting back to the basics. Pottery has been around for at least 30,000 years. We evolved making pottery. But any form of crafting is something special and integral to us — it makes me feel grounded.

“Creating is empowering. If you make your own things, you can make your own culture. You can change the things around you.”

– Mia Moss, Moss Keramik

How did you get into ceramics?

I didn’t seriously get into pottery until I graduated. I grew up in the U.S. and studied fine arts for craft, focusing on metalsmithing. There was a community pottery studio called the Midwest Clay Project. I fell right into it and started spending every free moment there! I loved the community aspect— young, old, beginners, advanced — all working together and sharing the space.

Inside The Atelier: Berlin’s Mia Moss - Ceramics

Name your favourite material to work with

Clay, of course! My favourite is when it’s that sticky raw clay consistency. Perfect for a fresh project on the wheel. There’s so many possibilities with clay. And techniques to try.

Inside The Atelier: Berlin’s Mia Moss - Ceramics and flowers

Describe your creative process – do you have a ritual?

I suppose prepping the clay is a ritual in itself! I’ll make a coffee, open the windows for some fresh air, then settle down. I always listen to music or podcasts whilst working. I’ve settled into two work modes:

When I feel inspired, I sit down at my wheel and make whatever! Sometimes I have an idea, sometimes I let the clay guide me. Experimentation and exploration is really important.

Other days, I feel completely uninspired (it happens to us all). I’ll make the quantities necessary for my business. That way I don’t have to think— I’ve already sorted the weight, design, and size. That’s ‘production mode’.

Inside The Atelier: Berlin’s Mia Moss - flowers

How do you find inspiration?

I expose myself to a lot of it! Berlin has great galleries. Really! You just walk down the street and find inspiring street art here. I also read to stir my creativity. Right now, I’m reading a lot of science fiction from the 1950s-70s. These novels inspired my latest collection, all about retro-futurism.

Inside The Atelier: Berlin’s Mia Moss - flowers in the atelier

The tool you can’t live without?

I brought only one clay tool with me from the US: my polymer Mudtools rib. It was a gift and I use it for absolutely everything! Of course, I couldn’t do anything without my wheel or kiln.

What moves you to make art?

I want people to realise they can make things themselves. Creating is empowering. Producing something yourself is freedom and independence. If you make your own things, you can make your own culture. You can positively change things around you. I’m currently working pieces that’ll affect the way you use them. I’m hoping to alter your daily routine – to make it slower, more thoughtful, and more enjoyable.

One last thing – name one artist we need to know

If you like pottery, check out Berlin-based ceramicist Maïa Beyrouti . She’s doing really inspiring things.

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You can find out more about Mia and her ceramic studio on her website .

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