Inside The Atelier: Amsterdam’s Anne Mertens

Inside The Atelier: Amsterdam’s Anne Mertens

bloomon’s spring bouquets burst with colour and creativity. ATELIER, our most recent collection, is inspired by the way artists create. Over the next weeks we’ll be stepping inside the atelier to meet the artists who inspire us. From Berlin to Belgium, painting to pottery, their work aims to inspire others to unlock their own inner artist.

Meet Anne.

Fashion designer and architecture lover

A tidy and modern atelier, garments and fabrics neatly presented, a striking chair and a coffee table with books about modern architecture. Behind her desk sits Amsterdam-based fashion designer Anne Mertens, founder of label Detale Studio. Her style: Modern, yet classic – with a hint of seduction. But is she into flowers? “I have a tattoo of a peony and a dahlia on my arm. That’s how much I love these flowers.”

“Creatives constantly change the world as we know it. I hope I can be a tiny piece of that change.”

– Anne Mertens

How did you get into fashion design?

I graduated at ArtEZ Fashion Academy in Arnhem. After working at several national and international fashion brands (mainly in knitwear design) I founded Detale Studio. I always wanted to combine product design with fashion and am currently doing what I love by designing products(garments) instead of seasonal trendy collections. I was raised by an entrepreneur (my father) and a very creative kindergarten teacher (my mother). We always went to museums, galleries, theatre and concerts. I never stopped doing that and developed my own style and creativity later in life.

Anne Mertens fashion design

Describe your creative process

Check, check, double check: I am an obsessive list maker. I can’t function without them. So I make lists per item I want to create. Then I collect pictures, create a moodboard, combine it with some of the collected fabrics, yarns etc. and then I start drawing. First a little doodling by hand, until I sort of know what shape I’m looking for. Then I set up the technical drawing on my computer. I take this to my sample atelier and together we develop the patterns and first sample. I sample everything, make some final adjustments and production can start!

Anne Mertens creative process

How do you fuel your creativity?

Travel, for sure. I get inspired most by travelling. For Detale Studio, I do lots of research for my materials, because that is the foundation of every item. I am always looking for sustainable, strong and comfortable materials. I collect a lot and then I leave it for a bit.

Anne Mertens mentor

Who is your mentor?

The woman who taught me the most about what I do today is Elin Larsson. She’s the Sustainability Director at Filippa K. Elin is so thorough in her business and always looks for more sustainable alternatives. She inspired me a lot and made me look at the fashion industry differently. My mother was my mentor too, haha! She always kept me motivated and positive. She was the most empathetic person I’ve ever known. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago. But that made me even stronger in pursuing my dreams and ambitions.

What does the art of creating mean to you?

Everything. Creatives constantly change the world as we know it. I hope I can be a tiny piece of that change.

Anne Mertens the art of creating

Which artist do we need to check out?

I am currently obsessed by the work of Nigerian/NYC artist Toyin Ojih Odutola . Her paintings are incredible. I can look at them for hours. They inspire me in terms of delicacy. I love to observe people. People inspire me, and she paints people in everyday situations and manages to capture their personalities. And the way she uses color… And while your at it, do check out the work of dutch fashion photographer, Maxime Cardol . I simply love her work. She shot Detale Studio’s first campaign and lookbook.

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Anne Mertens

Find out more about Anne and her work on her website .