In the mood for flowers? Discover what bloomon style fits you

In the mood for flowers? Discover what bloomon style fits you

From compact to extravagant: there’s a style for everyone.

In the mood for flowers but lacking in inspirations? We present to you our floral creations, making it easier for you to discover which style fits you best.

1. Compact but with an impact

Compact size (almost 16 inches high), yet big in style! This bouquet has a round shape and is properly filled with the best seasonal flowers making it the perfect eyecatcher on your coffee table, cosy corners, a stack of magazines or as a centrepiece on your dining table. This bouquet lets your interior blossoms!

Ideal vase: Over 8 inches high with a neck of almost 6 inches wide, giving every single flower space to bloom.


2. Iconic eyecatcher

This bouquet has quite a size (33 inches high) and consists of unique seasonal flowers with different heights and textures, thus being our iconic bestseller. Want to let your home blossom? This bouquet will definitely do the trick. Tip: place the bouquet stand-alone, not too near yo a wall, giving it all the space to shine.

Ideal vase: About 11 inches high with a neck of about 7 inches wide. This way there’s enough room to create a loose and playful floral arrangement.


3. Flamboyant sight

With this large bouquet, you really put your flowers front and centre! The average height of this bouquet is 39 inches, so you can imagine that this is quite the statement piece in your home. In this bouquet, you’ll find head-turning stems like eremurus, willow branches and delphinium. These skyscraping stems are taller than the flowers and add a bit of glam to your bunch. The best spot to place this bouquet? Like we said before, it should be placed front and centre, for example on your dining table or on a pedestal in your hallway. Be prepared for lots of compliments! Order yours here .

Ideal vase: 13 inches high and with an 8 inch wide neck.


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