In the Atelier: Amsterdam’s Imre Bergmann

In the Atelier: Amsterdam’s Imre Bergmann

bloomon’s spring bouquets burst with colour and creativity. ATELIER, our most recent collection, is inspired by the way artists create. Over the next weeks we’ll be stepping inside the atelier to meet the artists who inspire us. From Berlin to Belgium, painting to pottery, their work aims to inspire others to unlock their own inner artist. Next up:

Meet Imre.

Ceramist and nature lover

"I want people to experience the beauty of the materials by actually allowing them to feel it"

Imre Bergmann

How did you get into ceramics?

I worked in marketing communication for many years, but never found a way to put my creativity into it. So I decided it was time for a drastic change! I resigned and started following creative courses. I went to the Art Academy, where I graduated in 2007.

Inspired by my graduation project ‘ Wereldservies’ – a conceptual dinner service that connects and brings people together from different cultures by letting them eat together – I focused on working with ceramics fulltime. This resulted in my label * by Imre Bergmann. Before that project, I’d never worked with ceramics!

Describe your creative process

Before I get going, I’ll usually take a long walk with my dogs and surround myself with nature. I’ll make some sketches on paper or in my head to work out an idea. Then I go to the wheel. That’s where the shapes really originate and I can make (subtle) changes on the spot.

How do you fuel your creativity?

Nature! I find all things around me inspiring. It could be a colour or a texture that I encounter during a nice walk. I’ve also realised that sometimes it’s better just to do nothing – to let the inspiration come naturally. There’s so much stimulus everywhere, everyday. It can be nice to find a quiet moment – clear your mind and create space for something new.

Who’s your mentor?

That’s easy – Joris Link! A ceramic artist from Den Bosch. He’s been working in ceramics for years and I can ask him anything.

What does The art of creating means to you?

Creating with my hands makes me happy. It gives me the inspiration, flow, and drive I need. If someone is happy with my work, then that’s a huge compliment and I get tons of energy from it! What I love about being a ceramicist, is that you’re always learning something new. You’re never done learning. That’s why it remains so interesting to work with clay and porcelain – there’s so much to get your hands on, you discover something new every time!

Which artist do we need to check out?

Edmund de Waal . He made a lot of beautiful porcelain products with a celadon (green) glaze.

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Find out more about Imre and her work on her website .

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