In bloom: Tropical flowers only!

In bloom: Tropical flowers only!

Monstera, kniphofia, crocosmia, leucospermum

What's in bloom this week? Your ticket to the tropics! These exotic stems are part of our summer bouquet collection, RESORT , inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways. It’s a vacation in a vase.

Monstera ‘Epipremnum’ (1)

Is it a palm? Is it a fan? No, it’s monstera ‘Epipremnum’! Monstera, also called the hurricane plant, is a climber in its natural habitat. Using its aerial roots to cling to large trees, it can often be found growing up to twenty meters tall in the tropics of the Americas. Wild!

Kept out of direct sun, your monstera leaf should last weeks without yellowing. Pop it in a mini vase for the ultimate tropical touch.

Kniphofia (2)

Tropical Kniphofia uvaria is a fiery, long-lasting beauty in your vase. Kniphofia is native to Africa and part of family Asphodelaceae — try saying that after a piña colada. It’s nicknamed the red-hot poker, but rather than growing poker straight, its stem bends toward the sun like tulips.

Crocosmia ‘Prince of Orange’ (3)

Did you know that of the thousands of new plant varieties created each year, about 65% come from Holland? Crocosmia ‘Prince of Orange’ (family Iridaceae) is one of them. And what a beauty it is! Its saffron-orange blossoms add a tropical accent to your bouquet.

Leucospermum (4)

You don’t get much more tropical than this evergreen shrub! It’s nicknamed Pincushion protea for obvious reasons. Leucospermum is native to southern Africa and part of family Proteaceae.

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