In bloom: sultry summer flowers

In bloom: sultry summer flowers

Welcome the late summer sunshine into your home with the sultry stems of our closing RESORT bouquet collection. Dipped in Indian Summer reds and vibrant pinks, this is your last chance to enjoy our summer collection — inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Allium sphaerocephalon (1)

The red wine-hued blooms of Allium sphaerocephalon (family Amaryllis) add a luxurious pop of rich colour to your bouquet. This ornamental onion is commonly known as ‘drumstick allium’. Around the Avon Gorge, the only area it grows wild in Britain, it goes by the name ‘Bristol onion’.

Rosa ‘Nina’ (2)

Maybe that infamous Valentine’s poem came from this velveteen rose —because ‘Nina’ is one of the reddest roses out there! Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts would be envious. It’s a robust, large-flowered rose with a long vase life. Keep the petals plush by recutting the stem every three days when you change the vase water.

Pennisetum (3)

Seen en masse in its native Australia and Eastern Asia, clumps of fountain grass create an exotic landscape. Each burgundy, bristly flower spike flows out from the cluster like… well, a fountain. Pennisetum is part of the grass family (Poaceae), along with bamboo and cereals like barley and wheat.

Dahlia's ‘Seniors Love’ (4)

With its strong stem and mesmerising crimson flower head, dahlia ‘Seniors Love’ symbolises the balance of opposites: hardy, yet beautiful. Dahlias were named after Andreas Dahl, an eighteenth-century botanist who catalogued these late summer beauties as a vegetable!

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