In bloom: statement summer flowers

In bloom: statement summer flowers

Chasmanthe, Clematis, Dianthus, Veronica

Blooming in our bouquets this week are stunning summer flowers. These colourful blooms are part of our summer bouquet collection, RESORT , inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways — a vacation in a vase.

Chasmanthe (1)

Look closely at the tubular florets. Remind you of something? The similarity to a snake earned chasmanthe the nickname cobra lily. Even the stamens look like a snake tongue! Other names include lion's paw, African flag, and madflower. Chasmanthe floribunda is native to South Africa and is part of the iris family (Iridaceae).

Clematis ‘Amazing London’ (2)

Most clematis vines climb garden walls and trellises like Spiderman. The thought of using clematis in a vase didn't catch on until new varieties like ‘Amazing London’ arrived on the scene. They’ve got sturdy, non-twining stems and star-shaped flowers with an excellent vase life. Perfect for your bouquet!

Dianthus ‘Indiana’ (3)

You are always on my mind. That’s what a pink dianthus (carnation) represents. Dianthus essential oil is said to help revitalise the mind and body, while having a calming fragrance. How about that for a summer relaxation treat! ‘Indiana’ has especially ruffled, soft-pink petals that remind us of sorbet. Yum.

Veronica (4)

It isn’t summer without Veronica spicata in your bouquet! This elegant, lavender stem is a symbol of fidelity and lasts a long time in your vase. Help it, and all the flowers in your bouquet, along by refreshing the water and recutting the stems every three days. Clean, fresh vase water means longer lasting flowers!

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