In bloom: pretty-in-pink flowers

In bloom: pretty-in-pink flowers

These summer flowers aren’t afraid to show off their feminine side

Blooming in our bouquets this week are pretty summer flowers in pastel pinks and lilac. These blooms are part of our summer bouquet collection, RESORT , inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways — a vacation in a vase.

Celosia Plumosa (1)

Celosia gets its name from the Greek kḗleos , meaning ‘burning’. Makes sense — look at that flame-like plume! Part of family Amaranthaceae, Celosia argentea is more than just a thing of beauty. In West Africa, India, and South America, it’s cultivated as a vegetable and cooked in everything from soups to curries! Even if you’re peckish, this plume is just for admiring — not dinner.

Gladiolus ‘Milka’ (2)

With melt-in-your-mouth chocolate as a namesake, you know it’s going to be a sweet addition to your flower arrangement. ‘Milka’ refers to the large, ruffled lavender florets that grow on the sword-like spike. Funnily enough, the genus name Gladiolus derives from the Latin gladius , meaning ‘little sword’.

Symphoricarpos ‘Magical Charming Fantasy’ (3)

Not a charm spell from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but the name of a charming shrub. It’s a tongue-twister, we know! Pronounced ‘ sim-fo-ree-carpus ’, it gets its name from the Greek sympherein (bring together) and karpos (fruit), relating to the clusters of berries.

Lysimachia (4)

Named after Lysimachus, an ancient Sicilian king and successor of Alexander the Great, the legend goes that the King once calmed an angry ox by feeding it this flower. The raceme — or flower ‘spike’ — is covered in tiny white florets and looks like a goose’s neck. Ergo, it's common name is gooseneck!

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