In bloom: Impressive summer flowers

In bloom: Impressive summer flowers

Blooming in our bouquets this week are summer flowers with impressive stories. Some get their name from Greek Mythology, others were revered by Egyptian pharaohs — but what really makes them stand out are their bright, cheerful colours.

These flowers are part of our summer bouquet collection, RESORT , inspired by sunny beaches and chic getaways.

Amaryllis 'Belladonna' (1)

The genus name Amaryllis derives from the Greek amarysso , meaning ‘to sparkle’. In floriography, amaryllis represents pride. And with a name like Belladonna, or ‘beautiful lady’, it’s no surprise that this stunning summer stem stands loud and proud in any arrangement.

Helenium 'Kanaria' (2)

The flower that launched a thousand ships! Helenium was supposedly named in honour of the beautiful Helen of Troy. This canary-yellow, late summer daisy (family Asteraceae) is similar to echinacea but uniquely different — its centre is more velvety!

Callistephus Matsumoto (3)

Callistephus get their name from the Greek for 'beautiful crown'. The ruffled petals that encircle its yellow heart do have a regal air. This summer flower belongs to family Asteraceae, is known as Chinese aster, and is one of the fastest growing annuals around.

Carthamus (4)

Cute as a button and bright as a smile, you can’t miss this little tangerine pompom – nor could the Ancient Egyptians. Garlands of Carthamus were discovered in Tutankhamun’s tomb! Carthamus tinctorius is part of the thistle family and goes by ‘safflower’.

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