In bloom: Exotic summer flowers

In bloom: Exotic summer flowers

Delphinium, Marigold, Chelone, Lilium

See what’s in bloom this week. The colours are reminiscent of a particular tropical summer cocktail: Tequila Sunrise! Pastel pink delphinium, fruit-punch chelone, golden tagetes and tangerine lilies. Mmm.

These flowers are part of RESORT , our summer bouquet collection inspired by sunny beaches, chic getaways, and relaxing by the ocean.

Tagetes (1)

Native to the Americas, tagetes have a history as far back as the Aztecs in Mexico! They were used in religious ceremonies and steeped in tea as a herbal remedy. Spaniards brought the bright bloom to Europe where the name ‘Mary’s Gold’ stuck amongst religious folk and evolved into… can you guess? Marigolds!

Chelone ‘Pink Excellent’ (2)

Let’s be honest; this is probably the only flower to resemble a turtle! The name chelone (pronounced kee-lo-nee) even derives from ‘tortoise’ in Greek. Rather than turtle-green, the flowers are an excellent pink. Reminded of snapdragons? Yup, they’re both in the plantain family (Plantaginaceae).

LA Lilium ‘Honesty’ (3)

This LA lily isn’t named after Los Angeles, but it does embody the city’s vibrancy and sassy attitude. ‘LA’ stands for Longiflorum-Asiatic, and it’s a hardy hybrid. With its juicy apricot-orange flowers that face upward, ‘Honesty’ adds a splash of sunshine to the bouquet and has a long vase-life.

Delphinium (4)

Delphinium ajacis is an annual better known as rocket larkspur. Supposedly, the flower resembles a lark’s claw. Although, we’re not convinced. The apple-blossom pink petals look soft enough to sleep on! Shall we rendezvous under the palms for a snooze and dream of tequila sunrises?

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