Ikebana: thé trend in floral design

Ikebana: thé trend in floral design

A designer piece in your home

If you a minimalism-aficionado, then ikebana is right up your alley. With this Japanese art of floral arranging, the focus is on creating a true piece of art by just placing a few stalks in a vase.

New to ikebana? Ikebana means “living flowers” in Japanese and is a century-old technique of floral arrangement with which more space is created between the stalks, instead of filling the gaps with leaves like with most more classic floral styles. The flowers, branches and natural material used with ikebana symbolise beauty and the power of nature. In one of the most well-known ikebana styles, the highest branch or flower symbolises the divine and the shortest one nature. The flower or branch in between is a symbol for mankind. Here’s how you can easily recognise ikebana-style:


With ikebana is all about the right balance and proportions and reflecting nature. By creating an asymmetrical composition, you create an artistic look and feel true to nature.

Less is more

By just placing a few stalks in a vase, you create a minimal composition and an exciting play of lines. The art of arranging your flowers one by one draws more attention to the flower or branch in its purest form.

Get started with ikebana

So are your hands already itching to get started with ikebana? Of course, we know what you want to say, ‘I’ll just put a few branches in a vase and easy does it.’ Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Like Japanese cuisine, it looks so easy but in this simplicity lies its complexity. It’s about proportions, the high quality of the flowers and branches, moreover, Ikebana takes time, patience and discipline. Ikebana is a form of relaxation and is very popular among young and old Japanese people alike. You can always find out if there are any local workshops you can take if you really want to get a hang of it.