How to style your home with flowers

How to style your home with flowers [interior styling tips]

Your home is never fully dressed without a smile flowers

Seasonal bouquets add life, add style, and make an instant statement to home interior styling — quicker and easier than you think! To inspire your interior, here are our favourite ways to decorate homes with bloomon. Because where you put your bouquet is as important as the flowers in it. From a conversation-starter at the table to a lullaby on your nightstand, it’s all possible!


1. Living room blooms

While floral prints and patterns are trending in interiors right now, fresh flowers are best at livening up the living room. A seasonal bouquet has the power to transform the room — that’s why we love putting it smack bang in the centre of our seating area as the focal point.


A bouquet can be art in the living room: artistically stacked on books, on a mantelpiece or side table. Mix with layered textures, clean lines, and calming colours like sage and spiced honey — Dulux’s official colour of 2019 — and you’ve created an inviting space you'll want to retreat to.


2. Dining room table centrepiece

Dining on something delicious instantly boosts our mood. Add a stunning, fresh bouquet to your table and you’ve got a recipe for ultimate happiness!

Depending on your interior style, you might opt for a large, conversation-starting arrangement or a selection of single stems in mini vases. Both add instant chic and vitality factor to your table setting.


3. Bathroom bouquet bliss

Create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom that makes you want to soak in the tub forever — mini vases with flowers scattered around your bathroom or a stylish bouquet adds instant luxurious vibes.


4. Bouquets for bedroom serenity

Choosing flowers for your bedroom? Go with whatever you love. Some flowers, like lavender and peace lilies, can help you catch zzz’s, but any fresh flowers will give you a reason to embrace each new day. Plus, the natural scent of flowers can act like essential oils, lulling you to sleep.

Just remember, if you have allergies, you may want to think twice about sleeping with flowers in the room.


5. Floral welcome in the hall

Transform overlooked transition spaces into somewhere you want to linger for longer with a vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers. Like houseplants, flowers are green healers that help lift our spirits. Colourful flowers inspire creativity and self-expression — just what you want as you walk in or out of the door.


6. Stylish flowers for the kitchen

The natural gathering point in any household and often, the place where functionality takes priority over style. Adding fresh flowers to your kitchen counter, island, or bar stool adds colour, style, and breathes life into the space.


7. Balcony in bloom

Whether mini or massive, turn your balcony or terrace into a green sanctuary by mixing natural textures and colours of plants, pots and flowers. The finishing touch? Let your bloomon bouquet take centre stage outside.

Bouquet placement tips: How to make your flowers last

  • If your bouquet is on show near a window, make sure it doesn’t get all-day, direct sunlight. This speeds up blooming and consequently, wilting. Instead, move it to a cool, shady spot at night. Or a less sunny window sill.
  • Avoid draughty spots. Your flowers don’t thrive with temperatures that yo-yo.
  • Avoid putting flowers close to heat sources like radiators. The warmth generated shortens the vase life.
  • Don’t place your bouquet near the fruit bowl. It may look great for a still life painting, but actually, the ethylene gas that’s naturally released as fruit ripens speeds up wilting.

Proud of your flowers and your interior? Show us! Share a picture of your bouquet on Instagram with #bloomon . We love to be inspired!