Surprising places in the house to place your flowers

Surprising places in the house to place your flowers

The spot where your vase looks best, or the room that you spend most of your days in: every time, we tend to place our flowers in the same spot. But every house - big or small - has multiple spots to place your flowers. Walk along with our flower creatives and see all the spots that you hadn’t thought of!

1. Living room blooms

A romantic touch or a modern look: floral prints are hot & happening. But nothing beats a bunch of fresh, stylish flowers. They bring life and new energy to your home. Perfect for the lounge! Take some time to find out where your bouquet will look best. In the middle of the lounge as a centrepiece? Extra artsy on a stack of books? Luxuriously by the fireplace? Or cool and casually on a side table? Anything goes! PS: with tables and stools in natural materials you can create an even more Insta-proof look!

A bouquet can be art in the living room: artistically stacked on books, on a mantelpiece or side table. Mix with layered textures, clean lines, and calming colours like sage and spiced honey — Dulux’s official colour of 2019 — and you’ve created an inviting space you'll want to retreat to.

2. Dining room table centrepiece

The dining table is the spot where everyone comes together. Obviously, the perfect spot for a bouquet of fresh flowers!

“As soon as I place a bouquet with fresh flowers on the table, I get an itch. An itch to host a dinner party with friends right away!” Rose Kempenaar, bloomon stylist

Place a large striking bouquet on the table one day, and on the next, you can divide your flowers in mini-vases. A large vase with colourful and exotic stems bring a unique energy to your interior. And stylish branches in mini-vases are the perfect finishing touch for any table setting!

3. Bathroom bouquet bliss

Turn your bathroom into a deluxe spa with a fresh bouquet. Even in your bathroom, you can play around with flowers? Lots of room? Then place a full bouquet in your bathroom, for example on a stool by the tub. A more compact bathroom? A simple branch or single flower in a tall vase will ooze tranquillity and luxury.

4. Bouquets for bedroom serenity

Looking for flowers for your bedroom? Follow your gut and pick the flowers that make you happy. They have a relaxing and stress-reducing effect and are real mood boosters. And you’ll notice this immediately when you wake up! But keep in mind: when you have allergies, it’s probably best to stick to floral wallpaper only.

Just remember, if you have allergies, you may want to think twice about sleeping with flowers in the room.

“I’m not superstitious, but when I have flowers by my bed, I wake up happier.” — Daniella Down, bloomon content creative

5. Floral welcome in the hall

The hallway is often overlooked, even though it’s the first space your guests see. With a large bouquet in the hallway, you immediately get a cosy impression when someone walks in. You can place the flowers on a dresser, or casually on a stool or on a beautiful wooden or metal chair.

6. Stylish flowers for the kitchen

From culinary work spot to the centre point of the family household: the kitchen is the place where we feel good. Place a fresh bouquet of flowers on the counter or on the kitchen island. Don’t forget the mini-vases for the kitchen and fill them with herbal flowers. For example, place a dill branch (anethum graveolens) in a small vase next to a pot of fresh herbs. Delicious!

7. Balcony in bloom

“There’s something very natural, yet totally unexpected about using a bouquet in a vase to style a balcony. Especially when paired with plants.” — Ferdinand Belfor, bloomon art director

Whether mini or massive, turn your balcony or terrace into an exotic paradise by mixing natural textures and colours of plants, pots and flowers. Go for a colourful, botanical bouquet and place plants in different heights. Want to bet that you’ll be gagging for a cocktail in no-time?

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