How to pick the perfect bouquet size

How to pick the perfect bouquet size

You’ve got your heart set on flowers — for yourself or as a gift — but how do you pick the right bouquet size?

Online shopping can feel like a leap of faith. Choosing an item from an image without being able to try it on. We know that buying flowers online can raise some questions, too. That’s why we have created this guide. From how many flowers in the small to where to put a large, rest assured knowing you’ll pick the perfect bloomon bouquet size for any occasion.

What unites all bloomon bouquets is the way we design them and their freshness. Our contemporary, seasonal designs change every week and remain a surprise until you unwrap them. Every bouquet is hand-picked to order to minimise waste and so it lasts longer. Now, which bouquet size to pick?

1. bloomon’s small bouquet

Compact and impactful

small-bouquet-2 small-bouquet-1-min


Average height: 40 cm

Vase dimensions: 22 cm high x 15 cm wide

Small in size, big on style! Its round, voluminous design is achieved with high-quality seasonal flowers. Like all bloomon bouquets, no two flowers are the same.

Where to display the small bouquet

Perfect for coffee tables and cosy nooks, as well a warm welcome in your hallway. Makes a great floral table centrepiece, too!

When to gift a small bouquet

Cute as a button and stylish as they come: there's no limit to who you could make happy with our small. Especially good at celebrating a promotion or new baby.

2. bloomon’s medium bouquet

Iconic and contemporary

medium-bouquet-2--1- medium-bouquet-1--1-


Average height: 85 cm

Vase dimensions: 29 cm high x 18 cm wide

Our most popular bouquet size is dynamic, crafted with stems of different lengths and textures. Every flower is different, and every bouquet is designed with highest-quality, seasonal flowers. The medium should be arranged at home with lots of space between the flowers, to give it that iconic bloomon look.

Where to display the medium bouquet

Make a statement anywhere: on the floor by the sofa, artistically placed on a stack of books, on a kitchen counter or a dining table. It's a conversation-starter.

When to gift a medium bouquet

A memorable gift with wow-factor. Celebrate a birthday, a promotion or send a new homeowner a welcome gift.

3. bloomon’s large bouquet

Extravagant eye-catcher

large-bouquet-1--1- large-bouquet-2--1-


Average height: 100 cm

Vase dimensions: 33 cm high x 21 cm wide

Flamboyant in all the right ways. The design features long stems like willow branches, eremurus, and delphinium that, quite literally, stand out above the rest. Always seasonal, always high-quality. Just like the medium, the bloomon large is best arranged with space between the flowers, giving them room to bloom and creating a wild-meadow vibe in your vase.

Where to display the large bouquet

Guaranteed to turn heads wherever it’s put. Ideal for airy, bright homes. Instant art in your hallway or the focal point in your living room.

When to gift a large bouquet

When only the biggest will convey your love. Perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, and just because.

Now you know what to expect and where to style bloomon’s bouquets, it’s time to give your home a floral makeover with one of our three bouquet sizes.