How to arrange your bloomon bouquet

How to arrange your bloomon bouquet

See our new (and easy!) video tutorial.

Knowing how is half the work when it comes to flower arrangements! Create your own bloomon masterpiece with our easy to follow tips and tricks videos on how to arrange a small, medium, and a large bouquet.

“Create a framework with strong stems – this supports soft and top-heavy stems in your arrangement.”

We’re excited to share a new series of simple (and fun!) tips and tricks videos. Get some inspiration on how to arrange your flowers and make the most of your bloomon bouquet ! They’re short and sweet, to watch on repeat.

How to arrange a small bouquet

Watch our video on how to make your own signature small bouquet. It’s all about starting with a good framework and spreading colours to make your arrangement really pop.

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How to arrange a medium bouquet

Learn how to arrange our most popular bouquet size! Get the bloomon effect by creating drama with different heights, avoiding symmetry to create interest and shape, and giving each of the beautiful flowers room to bloom.

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How to arrange a large bouquet

The secret to creating our iconic style of bouquet, especially when it’s large, is to think about making it look as organic as possible – imagine how it might look in the wild. Flowers are at different levels, angles, and with different floral forms. Without symmetry, but with balance.

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Before arranging, clean your vase thoroughly with soap. A bacteria-free vase goes a long way in keeping your flowers fresher for longer. Fill it one third with water and add one sachet of flower food. Cut your stems at a sharp angle, so they can absorb water and nutrients. We recommend you use a pair of secateurs . Lastly, but certainly not least, refresh the water in your vase every three days. This stops bacteria growth in your vase and your flowers will thank you for it!

We always love to hear from you! Tell us what bouquet size is your favourite or how you would style yours. Share photos of your bouquet on Facebook and on Instagram using #bloomon.

Happy arranging!