Upcoming trends 2021

Upcoming trends 2021

It’s time for a new year with blank pages ready to be filled in. We are taking you through the expected trends for 2021, hoping to inspire you and ignite your creative spark. And flowers, of course, play a big part in this...

Expose & compose

We had already seen them in 2020: unique decorative pieces as part of your home interior, like artistic vases and flowerpots, glass in eccentric shapes and abstract line drawings. In 2021 these artistic pieces will be even more prominent in our homes. As Art Director Ferdinand Belfor explains: “We’ll see more and more combined eye-catchers that together create a whole new styling composition. Like, for example, unique vases with experimental bouquets, an abstract piece of art made from glass or clay and a dried palm leaf in a hand-blown mini-vase. Place these all together in an exciting composition, and you have something amazing to look at for a very long time. The great thing about this way of styling is that it doesn’t have to be functional. It’s your unique little expo that will make your home feel authentic - especially when you combine it with objects with personal meaning too. Materials that we’ll often see in this upcoming year are ceramics, coloured glass and recycled materials that have a low impact on our planet.”

'Materials that we’ll often see in this upcoming year are ceramics, coloured glass and recycled materials that have a low impact on our planet.’

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A second life

Extending the lifecycle of our purchases will become more popular. Especially now, in these exciting times with many people making drastic changes in their lives, we’ll be even more conscious with our purchases. We want to make choices that contribute to a better future. Luckily, more and more companies are handling this in very innovative ways. More and more clothes are made from reused materials, and even in the interior home sector, upcycling is becoming more mainstream.

Because we like to stimulate you in making conscious decisions, we help you get the most out of your bunch of flowers. Not only can you enjoy our fresh bouquets for up to twelve days on average, but we also want to challenge you in extending the life of your bouquet. Have ever thought about drying your bouquet after its bloom? This makes your flowers last longer and allows you to enjoy them for an additional time. In this blog, we explain how you can do that and which flowers are suitable for this. Speaking of flowers...how’s your cabinet of vases looking? Why not swap vases with your neighbours, find unique pieces at the second-hand shop or dust of those old vases in the back and give them another go. Making you, or someone else, enjoy them for much longer.

Want to know more about our progress in sustainability? You can read more about it on our sustainability page.

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Natural flower colouring

According to our Style Director Anton van Duijn, natural flower colouring will become widely popular. “Floral design will be artsier. We’ll see more experimental and artistic creations. I expect that colouring of flowers sustainably will become a big trend in floral design. By using natural pigments, from food, light-coloured flower petals will get a sepia-like colour palette. They’ll then have unsaturated colours with antique pink and rusty hues, giving the flowers a scenic appearance. So, get ready for top-notch floral design because bloomon will keep on learning about new techniques and developments…”

'Floral design will be artsier. We’ll see more experimental and artistic creations.'

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Be your own creator

The need to create is becoming more prominent. We’ve all gone into a higher digital gear by these stay-at-home-periods, creating a focus on our own home and direct surroundings. Last year it was about self-preservation, and in 2021 we’re still doing more and more by ourselves. Home improvements, cooking, gardening and sculpting - you are the creator. By being creative, you can escape the daily routine for a while, and open your mind by developing new skills.

If you’re still looking for a relaxing and creative thing to do, why not start with a bunch of flowers. With every bloomon bouquet, you get all the information you need to make your flowers shine. From flower arranging tips to care-tricks: we give you the information you need for the perfect styling. Once you’re trying it out, soon enough you’ll be looking to create the ideal composition and balance in your bouquet. But don’t forget to think outside the box and experiment. Dissect your bouquet and add strong branches or leaves you found outside. This way you can create your own bloomon design...with a twist! Or give an old vase new life by updating its look. Why not spray-paint it in a new colour, decorate it with patterns or attach recycled materials. Be your own creator, and it’ll energise you!

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