Find out which flowers from your bouquet you can grow in your home

Find out which flowers from your bouquet you can grow in your home

Did you know that some of the flowers in your bunch contain seeds? Learn which flowers these are and how you can use their seeds.

Look out for these flowers

There are only a few special flowers in our summer bouquets which release seeds. Look out for the Lunaria (honesty), Papaver (poppy) and Helianthus (sunflower). If you spot one of these stems, don't throw them away when your bunch has finished flowering and let them bloom again!

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Collect the seeds

The easiest way to collect and store the seeds is to dry the stems. You can do this by putting the stems in a vase without water, in a dry place. Once the stems turn brown, they are completely dried. The Lunaria seeds can be found within oval-shaped leaves between a thin membrane. The Papaver seeds are in the nut-shaped seed pod and those of the Helianthus are in the flower heart.

Sow the seeds

Since we are already halfway through the summer season, it is best to save the seeds until March and to then grow them indoors in small pots. They will then have the best chance of germination. So, you will need a little patience. You can enjoy the dried stems in a vase until then!

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Get the most out of your bouquet and take cuttings

Another way to enjoy your favourite stems for longer is by cutting stems. Some of the branches and greenery in our bunches take root after a while, at which point you can plant them in the ground. Find out which stems these are and how to get started with them. More tips on how to enjoy your flowers for longer? We have listed them for you.

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