Get to know the sunflower: 3 tips

Get to know the sunflower: 3 tips

She is the sunshine in your vase and truly the queen of all summer flowers: the sunflower. Its Latin name is Helianthus, which originates from a combination of the Ancient Greek words hēlios (sun) and anthos (flower). We would like to share some tips so that you can give this flower a happy vase life.

1. Place your vase in the shade

We can almost hear you thinking: but the sunflower is a sun worshipper? Whilst that’s true, the 'flower head' rotates with the position of the sun during the day to collect as much light as possible; we call this heliotropism. At night, the sunflower returns to its 'neutral' position, namely to the east. So, whilst the flower may love the sun, as a cut flower in your vase it actually prefers a spot in the shade. This way you ensure that all the flowers in your bunch stay beautiful longer.

zonnebloem bloomon

2. A strong stem

The sunflower stem softens quickly, which makes it a bit slimy and causes the water to go cloudy. During high season, change the water every two days and clean your vase well. Cut a small piece off the stem again. This way she will shine in your vase for as long as possible!

helianthus bloomon

3. Spent? Collect her seeds

A small gift from the sunflower are the seeds that can be found in the flower heart. It is best to dry the flower to get them out. In this blog we tell you how to get started and which other flowers you can give a second life.

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Love sunflowers? Then we have good news for you. In collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum, we have designed a special Atelier bouquet: Van Gogh Museum Edition. Vincent van Gogh painted a number of beautiful still lifes of flowers, including his infamous Sunflowers. In this exclusive Atelier design you will find wonderful summer stems and of course, van Gogh's favourite sunflowers. The bunch is available in our floral shop. Order it quickly, because there is only a limited number available.

bloomon Atelier Van Gogh Museum Edition

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