Get to know the peony: 4 tips

Get to know the peony: 4 tips

Get seduced by the lovely splendour of the peony

May and June are peony-months. Not only are peonies breathtakingly gorgeous, but their meaning is just as beautiful. She symbolises true love, romance, elegance and prosperity. When well taken care of, she can bloom for five days straight. We’ve listed the most fun facts and handy tips about the peony just for you.

The peony: a flower with a massive power of attraction

You must have spotted her in a still life by Van Gogh or Henri Fantin-Latour. Or - to keep things more contemporary - on pretty Instagrams or even as a trendy wallpaper. One thing’s for sure: the peony is an all-time favourite and we totally get why. With her gorgeous, frilly petals she almost looks like a big creamy bowl of ice cream. Originally, the flower is from Europe, North-West America and Asia. In total there are about 33 different types of peonies and she’s available in all colours of the rainbow, except for blue. When admired up close, she greets you with her sweet scent. In your bouquet? Well take note of the following:

1. Short but sweet

Peonies might be extra special because this plant only shows its flowers once a year - most only blossom in May and June. When you cut this flower, you have to wait a full year for it to grow back. Once your flower is in a vase, it’ll bloom for a couple of days.

White and pink peony on purple background with watch

2. Happy vase phase

To make this fine blossoming beauty shine as longs as possible in your vase, she’s going to need some help from you. Cut about half an inch of the stem before placing it in water. Remove as many leaves from the stem as possible and refresh the water every three days. She fairs best in a spot that’s not too warm. Make sure that the room temperature is not too high and never place your vase in direct sunlight.

3. Give her all the space to shine

Peonies transform from ball-shaped flower bud to a power flower. In full bloom, they can get up to 5-7 inches big! That’s about the same size as small broccoli. So make sure to give her the space to bloom and don’t add other big flowers in your vase. PS: We always make sure of this in our bouquets ;)

bloomon bouquet in original glass vase on a table with a bench

4. Struggling with flowers? Try this trick!

The flower buds of peonies are covered with sticky resin. This makes it difficult for them to bloom, as their petals are stuck together. Luckily there’s a handy trick to remedy this. Give your peony a hand and remove the resin by keeping it under the tap with running lukewarm water. Make sure that you keep the bud facing down, so the water doesn’t come between all the petals. Betcha’ your flower is in full bloom within three days?

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