Flowertips from the expert

Flowertips from the expert

Know the feeling? You have a beautiful bouquet set at the table, and leaves brown and fall out in no-time. What a waste, right? But there’s a way to avoid it! Read more for tips by our expert stylist, Anton van Duijn.

  1. Did you know flowers stay fresh much longer when you thoroughly clean the vase before? Bacteria can drastically shorten the lifetime of your flowers. Clean the vase well with chlorine, this way your flowers will stay beautiful for a longer period of time. Also add a drop of chlorine to the water to keep your bouquet fresh.

  2. It’s not the most fun job, cutting flowers. We already did it for you, but it’s still good to do it yourself as well. Especially vulnerable flowers can definitely use a fresh cut. Just get it over with, and they’ll thank you.

  1. You need it, your flowers do too: fresh water! As soon as the water starts to muddle, so every couple of days, empty it and fill the vase up with fresh water.

  2. Looks stylish, that wooden table with a fruit basket on top. We like it, your flowers don’t. Fruit makes your flowers wilt much quicker, so keep them separate.

  3. Flowers are a bit picky concering climate. When it’s windy, they won’t last that long. Don’t put them in harsh sunlight either, or close to the heating system. Do you want to get the most out of your flowers? Put them in a cool spot at night, and you will enjoy them for much longer.

So, was there anything you didn’t know before? Hopefully you can enjoy our flowers even more after reading these tips. Do you have a few tips up your sleeve yourself? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook !