Flowers that will make our hearts beat faster this spring

Flowers that will make our hearts beat faster this spring

It's almost spring, the season when everything starts anew. Get into the spring flow with four fresh spring stems and get to know them.


Nickname: Bird's milk, Star of Bethlehem
Family: Asparagaceae

If you imagine a giant asparagus in the shape of a flower when you see the Ornithogalum, you're not far off. The flower is part of the same family, but it is just a bit more exotic. It grows in warm, Mediterranean places such as Southern Europe, South Africa and Asia and is mainly found in the colours white, yellow or orange. It owes its nickname 'Bird's milk' to the Greeks - ornis or ornithos (bird) and galum (milk). In your vase, the Ornithogalum is a long bloomer. Its star-shaped flowers open gradually and remain beautiful for up to two weeks.

bloomon Ornitogalum

Gerbera 'pasta'

Nickname: Happy flower
Family: Asteraceae (Composite family)
The gerbera is, in a way, the ultimate flower of flowers - its shape is recognized everywhere, and it is the very first flower we draw as children. Its origins are in Asia, South America and South Africa and the cheerful flower comes in endless colour- and shape combinations. This gerbera 'paste', for example, looks just a little different. With her bundle of curled petals and her yellow flower heart, she is the sunshine in your vase. Keep a close eye on her, as the stem is susceptible to bacterial growth. This can cause it to droop. Refresh the water every two days and cut a bit of the stem. Before you know it, it’ll be glowing in your vase again.

Gerbera pasta bloomon


Nickname: Marguerite Bellflower
Family: Campanulaceae

The Campanula with bell-shaped flowers is the ideal stem to usher in spring. The origin of this plant lies in Italy and southeastern France, where the flower thrives. Butterflies and bees love the sweet treats found in the flower's heart. When placed in your vase, it's a flower you can admire endlessly. Make sure those bells keep ringing happily in your vase by refreshing the water regularly. Remove any wilted flowers from the stem so that the rest get plenty of energy to bloom.

Campanula bloomon


Nickname: Easter branch
Family: Oleaceae (olives)
The Forsythia is a true spring bloomer. The shrub is part of the olive family and was named after Scottish botanist William Forsyth (1737-1804), who was the head gardener of the British royals for a while. This plant is certainly royal - a blooming forsythia full of golden yellow flowers that will turn your vase into a pot of gold. Did you know that it symbolises hope and expectation? We get it because due to its strong stem, there's a good chance it will outlive the rest of your flowers. Perfect to put in a mini vase afterwards. Tip: Is the branch starting to take root after a while? Then plant it in soil. After a year or two, you will have your own pot of gold on your balcony or in your garden.

Forsythia bloomon