Flowers for autumn and winter

Flowers for autumn and winter

Meet Stuart, the man behind your beautiful bloomon bouquets, our UK flower stylist. We chat about the up-coming themes for our bouquets, what colours and flowers we can expect to see in autumn and winter.

What are you most excited about for the new season?

With autumn upon us and winter round the corner, a new plethora of treasures come into season. I am particularly fond of foliage, the changing colours to warm ochres and ambers create some of my favourite palettes to work with. Dahlia season is tailing off (they usually stick around until the first frost), but alas spring flowers have been spotted which always fills me with anticipation for the new year. Because a lot of flowers don’t blossom through our winter, I really try and keep my own interior to foliage such as fragrant pine, twisted willow, Catkins and berried goods. If you stay on season with your flora and fauna you will always get the strongest and most out of your blooms.

Do you have any top tips for getting ready for the new season?

Colder days are back so it’s time to ease off on watering your plants round the house and lock up the windows. A top tip for your flowers is to be aware of where you are placing them in the home. With the heating back on full blast, don’t place flowers to close to radiators or fires, this will diminish their life considerably. Maybe go for a sunny window where it can catch the low rays of the winter sun.

How are the flowers changing and getting ready?

With most of our blooms coming from the flower growers in holland, most are available throughout the colder months due to being sheltered in polytunnels. Hydrangeas have changed from bold blues and pinks to more dappled reds and greens to reflect the changing trees. A beautiful array of textural greenery plays a big part at this time, I always fill my home with foliage at this time of year. Use the parks and gardens around you to really see what is available at this time, we see an in increase use of branches, and interesting berries like rose hip in our bouquets.

How are the bouquets getting ready for the new season?

Dahlias have been a main feature during the last few weeks, with many hawthorns, hypericum and rose hips creeping into the larger bouquets. We have moved into a warmer colour scheme, again reflecting the new season, and bringing some heat to the nippy days. I believe having flowers in the home can bring the same atmosphere as an open fire, giving some life and energy in the gear up to Christmas.

What new season flowers can we expect to see in the bloomon bouquets?

Plans for upcoming bouquets will feature a great feast for the soul. At bloomon we are always looking at fashion, art and culture to influence our designs. With a push towards the misfit, we have been looking for new varieties and unusual flowers to excite and inspire our customers. From spidery petalled gerberas to a new array of carnation colours, even with my experience and knowledge of the flower world, I am feeling excited for what’s next from Anton, our floral head stylist.

Are there any secrets to keeping flowers fresh in the winter?

With our homes being warmer during this season, it’s important to keep an eye on the life-giver to our flowers – the vase. The water will need a little more attention as it will become cloudy quicker. Be sure to remove the dead heads of your flowers, and cutting them every time you change water just to encourage them to last longer, as previously stated the warmth can really affect your blooms, making them open faster so a little more attention is needed.

What exciting other projects are happening with bloomon up until the Christmas period?

We have numerous workshops coming up across London in all corners so do come along and join us to get some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your flowers and how to embrace the new season.