The most beautiful wallpapers for your phone

The most beautiful wallpapers for your phone

Make unlocking your phone a thousand times a day worth the swipe

We’re convinced that a more flower-filled life means more happiness. So we’re all about finding creative ways to surround ourselves with flowers , like wearing more floral prints, decorating meals with edible flowers, always having fresh flowers at home and having flower wallpapers on your phone!

To freshen up your phone, we’ve created 14 utterly unique flower wallpapers from our latest campaign that are free to download. Enjoy!



2. bloomon-wallpaper-2

3. bloomon-wallpaper-3

4. bloomon-wallpaper-4

5. bloomon-wallpaper-5

6. bloomon-wallpaper-6

7. bloomon-wallpaper-7

8. bloomon-wallpaper-8

9. bloomon-wallpaper-9

10. bloomon-wallpaper-10

11. bloomon-wallpaper-11

12. bloomon-wallpaper-12

13. bloomon-wallpaper-13

14. bloomon-wallpaper-14

There you have it! 14 unique flower wallpapers for your phone. If you’d prefer real-life flowers, order bloomon today and have fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep.