Flower artisan Anton van Duijn

Flower artisan Anton van Duijn

The creative brain behind our bouquets…

As a young boy, Anton would pick flowers in the dunes along the Dutch coast. Thirty years later, he was a finalist in the TV show Holland’s Best Flower Stylist . And for the past two years or so, he’s been working as style director for us at bloomon. In other words: Anton is the creative brain behind our quirky bouquets.

‘Flowers have always had a magical attraction for me.’

Anton has loved flowers ever since he can remember. As a boy of 12, he helped out at the florist shop run by ‘Uncle’ Piet Loos. “That and growing up near the dunes made me appreciate nature at an early age,” says Anton, from his floral atelier in the village of Cruquius. “I just knew somehow that my talents lay there.” After studying floral styling, Anton opened his own florist’s in an affluent area of Amsterdam. Eight years later, he was ready for a change. He took on projects for renowned international interior designers. Then came the TV show. And then bloomon.

Unique style

“bloomon was looking for a stylist to create something really unique for each bouquet,” says Anton. “But when they approached me, I was still busy with the television contest. Plus, they wanted a female designer. However, after seeing the first episode of the show and what I could do, they soon changed their mind. As for me: I haven’t looked back. My job is great fun! And I love how bloomon is making it even easier for everyone to have fresh flowers in their home: it’s something I really want to be a part of. And not only is it helping me hone my style in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, but across Europe too.”

So what is the typical ‘Anton style’? “I work a lot with different heights and only use a small amount of foliage,” reveals Anton. “That way, each flower gets the maximum space to flourish. It also gives bouquets a much more natural look. Something you won’t get if you stuff them with greenery to bulk them up. Stripping them down isn’t good either: a subtle leaf here and there is what really makes them beautiful. That said, my style can take quite a bit of getting used to! However, it really does do the flowers justice. That’s why I never put two of the same flowers in one bouquet: each flower is unique.”

Eight seasons

Something surprising about your job? “I’m easily moved when flower arranging: I often get really emotional,” confesses Anton. Your favourite flower? “That depends purely on the on the time of year,” he explains. “And I don’t mean the four seasons. The most beautiful shades of flowers appear between the seasons. Right now, as summer is going into autumn, I would recommend dahlias. When it comes to colour, however, I have a preference for soft orange blended with pink. The colour combination makes me feel good and never fails to put a smile on my face.”

Anton’s Tips & Tricks

  1. It’s very hot and humid in late summer. That’s why it’s especially important to keep the water clean in your vase. Adding a drop of chlorine will prevent bacteria from growing. And your flowers will thank you for it – and last a few days longer.

  2. Only use seasonal flowers.

  3. Dill blossoms make a great base. Add some dahlias or rosehip branches and you already have a beautiful bouquet.