FLOW — Winter 2017

FLOW — Winter 2017

Find your flow through flowers and start the year fresh. From Japan with love.

FLOW, our new bouquet collection, combines beauty, balance, and harmony into your home this winter. It takes inspiration from ikigai (pronounced ee-kee-gah-ee ), an ancient Japanese philosophy centered on finding your reason for being. It’s one of those beautiful untranslatable words that, essentially, means finding happiness and purpose – finding your flow to ensure you have a long and happy life.

We’ve been asking ourselves what makes us happy? Pinpointing what gets us out of bed in the morning goes along way in helping us feel fulfilled and feeling healthier. A little less stressed. So for this new year, it’s no regrets, no resolutions. Just pure intentions, kindness to ourselves, and surrounding ourselves with beautiful fresh flowers.

So, this Japanese secret to a long and happy life – what’s it all about? What is ikigai?

Imagine the beautiful azure waters and tropical feel of Japan’s southernmost prefecture, Okinawa. This beautiful place is home to some of the happiest and oldest people on the planet. Okinawan people put their long lives down to the philosophy of ikigai (and a jolly good diet). Finding happiness, they say, is rooted in purpose. The root of the word itself says it all: ‘ iki ’ means life, and ‘ gai ’ is value or worth.

“The sum of small joys in everyday life result in a more fulfilling life as a whole,” says Mieko Kamiya, author of one of the most influential books about ikigai ( Ikigai ni tsuite) . It’s happiness with a subtle difference; it’s nuanced and more forward thinking.

Draw a diagram of happiness

How to find your ikigai? It can take time to determine what it is, but a good place to start is drawing it out. Make three lists or a Venn diagram. List your values, the things you like, and the things your are good at (an optional addition is to list what you can be paid for). The crossover section – that’s your ikigai.

Simple joys

Now, we’re not saying flowers are the answer to all life’s trouble. But gifting a bouquet to yourself and arranging the flowers does wonders for the soul.

Take the tulip for example. A wonderful flower, loved for centuries! January marks the official beginning of tulip season and we’re welcoming them into our homes with open arms. Bright yellow tulips for cheerful thoughts. Purple-hues to inspire spiritual fulfilment. And pink to promote happiness and confidence.

The Japanese have another beautiful word: shinrin-yoko – forest bathing. Basking in nature to feel relaxed. We knew the Dutch were onto something with their love for strolling through tulip fields!

Find your flow.