Floriography: let the flowers do the talking

Floriography: let the flowers do the talking

Flowers say more than a thousand words. They speak their own language: the sweet sounds of floriography. A secret declaration of love, thanking someone for a great friendship….just say it with flowers!


Definition: with the queen of flowers, you show pure passion. The classic red rose is, of course, the symbol of real love. Do you have a close friend? Then give yellow roses. With a pink rose, you can show your gratitude whilst orange expresses desire.

Perfect for: your shoulder to lean on, a puppy love, the birth of a baby or your dearest friend. Actually, for everyone whom you want to profess your love too!


Definition: Lilies are as versatile as roses and symbolise purity, simplicity, unity, femininity and calmness. Just with her scent, she can express just how special someone is to you.

Perfect for: your one true soulmate.


Meaning: the ranunculus stands for charm and enchantment. When you give ranunculi, you show that you appreciate someone because of their personality.

Perfect for: a special friendship, a colleague or as a treat for yourself. You can never go wrong with ranunculi.


Definition: this long ear with chalice-shaped flowers, also known as the stock-gillyflower, represents eternal beauty and love. When you give it to someone, you say ‘I love you’. How’s that for romance?

Perfect for: the love of your life, your best friend, frankly, for everyone you love!

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