Floriography: How to say it with flowers

Floriography: How to say it with flowers

The most romantic way to communicate? Floriography! Flowers speak a language all of their own, but how many of us think about the true meaning of flowers before sending them?

The Victorians relied on floriography to send cryptic messages of love that couldn’t be spoken aloud in their restrained society. Many would go around, armed with floral dictionaries, ready to decipher any bouquets they’d receive from admirers!To help you celebrate the wonderful people in your life: family, friends, your true love, we’ve gathered modern, fresh ways to say ‘I love you’ with our favourite flowers of the season.



In a word : protection

What it means: Named after the Greek for ‘wind’, this delicate bloom is perfect for the whirlwinds of positive energy in your life. Anemone symbolises anticipation, protection, and love. For an added touch, send white – for sincerity and truth!

Perfect for: Anemone are perfect to tell a best friend just how incredible they are – we can almost imagine them watching with anticipation as the papery petals bloom. Best friends forever.

The story : It was believed in pagan folklore that fairies slept inside anemone still in the bud, as they close at night and reopen in the morning. Fairy or no fairy, these beauties are magical!



In a word: love

What it means: Tulips are a declaration of love. Red tulips for eternal love, yellow for appreciation. White tulips are for forgiveness, pink for maternal love, and variegated petals for beauty.

Perfect for: Whose day could you brighten with white-pink tulips? Your loving mum or sister. Sometimes it’s our nearest and dearest that need a reminder of how much we love and appreciate them. Nothing says that more beautifully than delicate candy-coloured tulips.

The story: Originally a wildflower in Turkey, tulips featured prominently in ancient Turkish art and culture. Their popularity spread and spread, from Tulip Mania in 17th Century Holland, to tulips being the symbol of Spring the world over today!



In a word: Joy

What it means: Chrysanthemums in general radiate joy and symbolise friendship and true love. Violet variations represent a sincere, returning focus on a loved one.

Perfect for: A flower with a deep violet colour and mesmerizing petals that you could mediate over could only be for one person. Your soulmate.

The story: A deep, rich coloured chrysanthemum in Ayurveda philosophy promotes balanced, positive energy in the heart chakra. The colour purple itself calms the mind, triggers creativity, and nourishes the soul. This is the flower to give your lifelong love.



In a word: Magnetic

What it means: This nectar-rich blossom is a stunner and long-time bloomer. It may have a reputation as a purveyor of ‘unfortunate love’, but we think it’s popularity with the birds and the bees works on us, too – it’s a magnetic symbol of new love.

Perfect for: Head over heels about someone and want to get their attention? Then this little blossom is the flower for the job!

The story: It’s pretty petals, needle-like pistils, and delicate fragrance are perfect for attracting all sorts of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and if you’re lucky – your soon to be lover!



In a word: Affection

What it means: The absolute icon of love! Red roses are synonymous with romance and passion. Burgundy symbolises a secret love yet to be realised. Our fresh pick? Convey admiration, passion, and sentiment with pink roses.

Perfect for: The swiss army-knife of floriography, we cannot think of an occasion where pink roses aren’t perfectly suited – cheer up a friend, show affection to family, express gratitude, welcome a new baby, show admiration, tell someone that you’re falling in love.

The Story: Pink roses, they say, were grown in the imperial rose gardens in China in 5,000 years ago. But i t was the Ancient Greeks who first associated the red rose with the Goddess of love, Aphrodite. It’s still the most enduring way to say ‘I love you you’ to this day.

Celebrate love this Valentine’s Day week – and every day with flowers!

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