Florascopes — your 2019 floral horoscope

Florascopes — your 2019 floral horoscope

The flower guide that complements your star sign

A fresh new year, new fresh flowers! We looked to the stars for floral inspiration to select a special flower to match your star sign and fill your 2018 with happiness, good fortune, and beautiful blooms.

Our floral stylists have carefully crafted your floral horoscope to compliment your characteristics with flowers that bloom in your season. A flower to feel connected to this year. Or, use this florascope guide to give someone a bouquet that symbolises them!


21 March – 20 April
Your flower: Alpinia
Adventurous | Ambitious | Amorous


As an Aries, you have an enterprising, go-getter spirit with an intensely passionate side, making the Alpinia the ideal flower for you. Part of the ginger family, Alpinia complements your inner-strength and zing. Its robust colour embodies your ability to take action. Like this fiery flower’s dynamic form, you’re in place to make things happen for you this year — so go for it!


21 Apr – 21 May
Your flower: Curcuma longa (turmeric)
Determined | Sensual | Epicurean


While infamously headstrong, what many don’t know is your incredibly sensuous side. Often well-grounded and always dependable, there's a romantic side to you that loves exotic beauty, which is why the turmeric flower is yours. Like the soft colour and inner spice of the turmeric flower (ginger family), your sensitivity and zeal are what sets you apart. Your year ahead is full of promise — time to finish those things you’ve been meaning to!


22 May – 21 June
Your flower: Dianthus barbatus (sweet William)
Inquisitive | Dazzling | Versatile


As a Gemini, you are versatile and expressive with a serious edge at times. Your multidimensional personality traits are represented by the many florets of spray carnation, Dianthus barbatus. Your ideal flower because you’re both treasured for your dependableness and spark. Your natural magnetism will get you far, just as sweet William succeeds in attracting bees over and over again during its long, beautiful bloom. Dare to stand out this year!


22 June - 22 July
Your flower: Molucella (bells of Ireland)
Enchanting | Cautious | Kind-hearted


For those born under Cancer, Molucella complements the complexity of your character. We see your sweet and sunny disposition radiate the way the Molucella dances in a vase. Your deeply sensitive side and protectiveness toward others are represented by the bell-chambers and, underneath those, lays a ring of sharp needles — your cautiousness. This majestic bloom is connected to you, its bells chime your ability to learn an act with authority this year.


23 July – 22 August
Your flower: Kniphofia (red hot poker)
Creative | Spontaneous | Captivating


As a life-loving Leo, you have a lion's fiery inner-strength. Often a bundle of imaginative energy, charming, and driven by a desire to be admired, what better bloom to have as your floral counterpart than fiery Kniphofia uvaria? Your warm-heartedness and larger than life personality pair with this striking summer flower. Utilize your creativity and confidence to seek opportunity like Kniphofia bends to seek out the sun.


23 August – 23 September
Your flower: Sandersonia (Chinese lanterns)
Capable | Meticulous | Caring


Elegant, brightly coloured Sandersonia aurantiaca echoes your caring nature, enchanting qualities, and fun-loving side. As a Virgo, you have a spirited mix of sharp intelligence, attention to detail, and commitment to what you set your mind to. Delicate as Sandersonia is, it is a powerful climbing plant with a long vase life. Be inspired by this lantern-like bloom and reach to great heights this year. Your future’s bright.


24 September – 24 October
Your flower: Ornithogalum (star of Bethlehem)
Sincere | Compassionate | Tactful


With tiny, starry florets that bloom out from a dense central point, Ornithogalum symbolises a balance of opposites — harmonising with the intricacy of your personality. Libras are as hopelessly romantic as they are tactful and sensible. You are a bridge-builder. Embrace the way Ornithogalum blooms over weeks — slowly and with purpose. Your patience and compassion will set you apart this year.


24 October – 22 November
Your flower: Amarine belladiva
Magnetic | Mysterious | Intuitive


Scorpios live to experience and express emotion. You are both seductive and deeply sensitive. Amarine belladiva is your floral soulmate, embodying both your softer, romantic side and the ferocity about you when you’re goal orientated. Like the Amerine, an alluring hybrid between amaryllis and nerine, you thrive in adversity. Harness your natural leadership skills and you can accomplish anything.


23 November – 21 December
Your flower: Craspedia globosa (billy buttons)
Free-spirited | Independent | Trailblazer


As someone who is the life of the party and ever-optimistic, your 2019 florascope has to be Craspedia. This bright yellow button-bloom reflects your jovial nature, your distinct energy, and your ambition. You are happiest blazing your own trail and doing things differently. Surround yourself with the positive karma of Crespedia — who looks fab fresh or dried — and look forward to unique opportunities this year. Shine bright!


22 December – 20 January
Your flower: Chasmanthe (cobra lily)
Patient | Reliable | Loving


The methodological way in which Chasmanthe floribunda blooms is akin to your self-discipline and practical outlook when you climb the ladder and set your mind to things. As a Capricorn, you are patient, reliable, and incredibly loving. The unique beauty of chasmanthe appeals to your character, with its delicate structure, rich colour, and longevity in a vase. Unleash your inner-creative, you'll push boundaries in new ways to achieve your goals in 2019.


21 January – 19 February
Your flower: Celosia cristata
Expressive | Optimist | Forward-thinking


As if straight out of the ocean, colourful, coral-like Celosia cristata represents deep-thinking Aquarius. Those born under this sign look at the world as a place full of possibilities. You’re expressive, authentic, and loyal. People are drawn to you as people are drawn to the velveteen touch of this flower. Like the endless ocean, celosia in your life this year represents limitless possibilities. Help others and reap the benefits, too.


20 February – 20 March
Your flower: Forsythia (Easter tree)
Spiritual | Affectionate | Intuitive


It’s no surprise that Pisces are cherished companions. Pisces have an artistic, dreamy flair and a generous spirit. Bright and fantastical, Forsythia (olive family) is the flower to call your own in 2019. Its many yellow blooms capture the mystical beauty and comedic qualities of your character. Representing anticipation, look to those around you to help your well-being blossom. Use your intuition and sensitivity to your advantage.

Start your new year as you mean to go on — with fresh flowers at home! They bring happiness and good fortune by the bouquet-load.