Florascope | Your summer horoscope matches you with this flower

Florascope | Your summer horoscope matches you with this flower

Here's what's in the store for you this summer

Back again: the Florascope! We've looked at the stars, ermm flowers of course, especially for you. Curious as to which flower is your match and what the stars have in store for your this summer? Just scroll down now!


21 JUNE – 21 JULY

Your flower: Gentiana

Social, charismatic, peacekeeper

Cancers are very popular friends, as they're good listeners. Any time a day or night - you're always there for your friends. You have a sort of healing attraction, just like the gorgeous gentiana. The root of the flower has been used for centuries in herbal medicine and is still being used in modern-day medicine. Be careful that people don't take advantage of your helpful and soft nature. And don't forget about yourself. It's going to be a hot summer for you. You can expect many nights filled with passion...



Your flower: Dahlia

Determined, vibrant, self-aware

You know exactly what you want and are a force to be reckoned with. Others mainly see your energetic and charming side, but don't be afraid to also show your vulnerable side as well, Leo. Actually, you're a really sensitive person and on the inside, you're a helpless romantic. You’re attracted to exotic beauties, and that's exactly why the dahlia is your flower. The mix of the stunning soft colour and the inner pit of this flower matches perfectly with your eager drive. You're bursting with energy - this summer is the perfect moment to get cracking on that to-do list that you've been postponing for far too long!



Your flower: Amaranthus Spider

Confident, caring, gentle

Just like the amaranthus, the Virgo is versatile and not afraid to show its true colours. It has long spike and a beautiful pink colour, this flower symbolises the balance between true power and emotions. This flower is also known as the ‘unfading flower’; which explains a lot as your friends love you dearly. When they need someone to talk too, you're always around. Keep on being that strong and warm friend for others, Virgo. You'll notice that more love will flow into your life.



Your flower: Scabiosa

Sensitive, inspiring, popular

This gorgeous wildflower is a reflection of all your strong traits and brings out your flirtatious side! All elements of the Libra are hidden in this flower. The long, dancing stems make sure that the soft petals get all the right attention. The smaller petals - sometimes shaped like grass - are nicely aligned on a little pillow (this flower is nicknamed pincushion) and are surrounded by a wall of pretty petals. Don't be afraid to show your sensitive side, just like this flower does. This will make you exude confidence and something wonderful will come your way unexpectedly.



Your flower: Helianthus

Powerful, popular, bubbly

Just like the sunflower - as the helianthis is most commonly called – you're a most welcome guest at any party. Everywhere you go, you're well received. Every meeting is magical and that leads to a positive upward spiral. Just like this happy summer flower, you love the sun. During the day, this flower turns its head to the sun to soak up as much of it as possible. A bit like you on the beach. No surprise that your friends call you a true sun-worshipper, you never want to miss a single ray of sunshine! Don't forget to wear sunblock, Scorpio, you don't want to match the colour of your sign...



Your flower: Antirrhinum

Sensitive, self-conscious, gentle

The antirrhinum is a slow bloomer, but with intensity. A reflection of your complex and interesting personality. You're sensitive, a true romantic and sometimes a bit too self-conscious. But that's not necessary at all Sagittarius, your friends and family adore you for your kind and soft nature. Time to come a bit out of your shell this summer: straighten that back and hold your head up high, you're a sight to be seen!



Your flower: Delphinium

Passionate, sincere, inspiring

For all Capricorns out there: the delphinium is the symbol of your complex and versatile personality. You might come across vague or mysterious to other star signs, but those who know you see your soft side filled with love and care for others. You want to please everyone, but don't lose sight of yourself. Follow your heart, then you'll definitely find the perfect way to balance it all this summer. The elegant shape of this flower symbolises your tenacity with which you are a true inspiration for those around you.



Your flower: Carthamus Zanzibar

Stabile, optimistic, charming

An Aquarius is a confident person. A true epicurean who enjoys life to the fullest. You like a little joke every now and then and people love your dry wit at parties. You're the life of the house and your characteristics match these cheerful light yellow flowers: you're vibrant and fill any room with your positive vibes. Keep that positive and bright perspective on things, then this summer will be hot and steamy.



Your flower: Campanula champion

Creative, soft, authentic

You say Pisces, we say campanula. You grab everyone's attention, wherever you go. Your fresh appeal and authenticity, make you the one to be seen with. People flock to you like bees to honey. It's because you're really one of a kind and very creative: Pisces are instantly happy when something is just a bit unusual. These personality traits make you unique and don't be afraid to show it off with pride. Then it might become a very colourful and sultry summer...



Your flower: Kniphofia Alcazar

Patient, loyal, proud

The way the kniphofia flourishes is equal to your self-discipline and practical approach to growth or attaining goals. Just like this flower, you're patient, loyal and very loved. The unique beauty of the kniphofia matches your personality, with its sensitive and elegant structures, rich colour and long vase-life. You're more creative than you might think, so express it! Then this summer will provide you with blossoming energy that will bring you loving intentions.


20 APRIL – 19 MAY

Your flower: Sanguisorba

Versatile, energetic, go-getter

Taurus, you are a jack of all trades. With your endless energy, you have everything under control and just like the elegant sanguisorba you like to keep an overview of things. Listen to the inner voice with its spontaneous ideas, Taurus. In floriagraphy this flower symbolises a good heart. So follow your gut, you might find yourself in a spot this summer where they can really need someone like you.


20 MAY – 20 JUNE

Your flower: Agapanthus

Extravagant, playful, adventurous

This summer you are really feeling good in your own skin, Gemini. You're buzzing with energy and your optimism and positivity are infectious. Just like this flower, you're an open book and not afraid to show your true colours. This summer you'll get more bubbly energy from your surroundings. There are a few exciting new encounters coming your way...