Florascope 2021 | This is the flower you can call yours according to your horoscope

Florascope 2021 | This is the flower you can call yours according to your horoscope

A new year that’s like a blank canvas, ready to be filled in; who doesn’t appreciate that? We are leaving behind a tumultuous year and have a positive outlook towards the future. May it be a flourishing year with positive energy and lots of flowers. We’ve looked into the stars for you and matched a flower to each star sign. Discover which flower is the perfect fit for you...

aquarius zodiac sign


20 January – 18 February
Your flower: Anemone
You know precisely what you want and are energetic and lively. When you enter a room, everyone will notice. With your proud, tall and upbeat personality, you’re the connector within any company. You are very caring, and that’s exactly what the anemone stands for. Despite your outspoken and colourful appearance, you never show how you really feel. Sometimes you need a bit more space to be able to shine. Take the space you need, Aquarius, and make this your flourish.

Pisces zodiac sign


19 February – 20 March
Your flower: French tulip
The French tulip is the one that you can call yours in 2021. Just like the tulip, you’re determined and a bit headstrong: you walk to the beat of your own drum, and won’t be lead by opinions of others. The tulip comes in all colours of the rainbow, and that is a little hint to your versatile and humorous outlook on life. Just like the tulip, follow the sunshine and keep your head up towards 2021.

Aries zodiac sign


21 March – 19 April

Your flower: Forsythia
It’s always nice to have an Aries around. You are known to be a good friend and a real giver. That’s why the Forsythia is your flower. The hundreds of yellow bells symbolise your optimistic view on life and remind you that it’s time to be kinder to yourself. Allow yourself some self-care so that you can blossom all year long.

taurus zodiac sign


20 April – 19 May
Your flower: Prunus (blossom)
It’s been a turbulent year for you, but now you’re more than ready to shine in 2021. The flower that’s your match is the blossom. This flower symbolises new beginnings. Just like the blossom that shows its flowers for a brief yet powerful time, you also tend to take on more than you can chew, which leads to things not going as planned. Try to focus this coming year to taking small steps. Then you’ll shine, just like the little flowers of the blossoms.

Gemini zodiac sign


20 May – 20 June

Your flower: Peony
Who can resist the charm of the Gemini? With your broad, upbeat and flamboyant personality, you’re the ideal match with the peony. You are both colourful and not afraid to stand out of the crowd. Moreover, you’re both popular because of your soft personality. Your natural attraction will bring you far this coming year, Gemini. Take all the space you need to develop further and make sure that you are seen.

cancer zodiac sign


21 June – 21 July
Your flower: Delphinium
The delphinium symbolises your complex and versatile character. You often come across as mysterious, and that’s precisely why people like to be around you. With a Cancer, you always make heads turn, for all the right reasons. Any space is filled with your blossoming energy when you enter. The long stem of the Delphinium with soft flower plumes stands for your determination and your sensitive side. Show that side more in 2021, and new friendships will blossom.

Leo zodiac sign


22 July – 21 August
Your flower: Asclepias beatrix
You’re bursting with energy, and you have a fiery inner strength to start the new year on fire. You are passionate and have a deep longing to be admired. Do we need to say more? Asclepias Beatrix, a fiery orange summer flower that looks a bit like a crown is the ultimate match with your personality. The complex structure of this flower with its little hooks and caps symbolise your creative and versatile nature. Make use of your creativity and, just like Asclepias Beatrix, aim for more days in the sun!

virgo zodiac sign


22 August – 21 September
Your flower: Agapanthus
The Agapanthus is an impressive one. Her long stem with a bulb filled with trumpet-shaped flowers symbolise your determination and straight back: you’re ready to make the most of 2021. Your bustling energy and optimism are infectious to others. Keep showing this side of yourself, Virgo. Your surroundings will take in a lot of energy from you, and this will make connections deepen...

libra zodiac sign


22 September – 22 October
Your flower: dahlia
The dahlia is a versatile flower that comes in endless different shapes and colour combinations. The symbolism of the dahlia matches perfectly with the vibrancy of the Libra. This is because your flower stands for tenacity, one of the many good traits you possess. Focus this coming year on finding creative solutions; it’ll give you more than you’ll ever imagine...

scorpio zodiac sign


23 October – 20 November

Your flower: Anigozanthos (kangaroo paw)
Scorpios live for adventures. You love to seduce, but you’re also sensitive and kind. Anigozanthos is your match when it comes to flowers. This flower, with her soft velvet-like texture, shows your soft and romantic side. Her uneven shape shows your temperament and your wild and playful side. Focus the coming year on your deepest and most adventurous desires, 2021 is promising to be an exciting year...

sagittarius zodiac sign


21 November- 20 December
Your flower: Salix snowflake (willow catkins)
The contrast of the tough branch with soft plumes resembles your quirky nature. Your stable appearance makes people drawn to you and, those who know you well, know that you can also be sensitive. The soft catkins of the salix snowflake stand for your sensitive personality and remind you that you can show this side of yourself a bit more. Come out of your shell and, just like the blossoming willow catkins, show your soft and sunny side.

capricorn zodiac sign


21 December – 19 January
Your flower: Hippeastrum (amaryllis)
The amaryllis is not to miss. This sturdy stem with trumpet-shaped flowers stand proud, and that’s precisely why this flower is your soulmate. You’re confident, have a positive outlook and the envy of others because of your grace. A Capricorn is seen as the stable one in any group of people, making some look up to you. Amaryllis is derived from the Greek amarysso, which means ‘shining’. And shine, you shall in 2021. Give those around you a little push and let them feed off your positive energy.