Floral jobs - cut stems with the right tools

Floral jobs - cut stems with the right tools

Relaxing odd jobs to do in and around the house

Spring is on! This is the perfect time to start getting busy with all the odd jobs in and around the house. From bringing in new life in your vase collection to rearranging your flowers: the upcoming weeks we’ll put our backs into it and share our tips & tricks for some fun floral chores. We’ll make sure that they’ll also be easy to do when you lack a green thumb! This week we’ll introduce you to the must-haves for your floral toolbox.

To make sure that your flowers last and stay beautiful, you have to cut a bit off the stems every other three days. Freshly cut stems find it easier to take in water, making your flowers blossom longer… when they’re happy, you’re happy! The only thing you need to make this happen are the right tools.

Opt for sharp and clean

Blunt shears and knives are not only difficult to use, but they also won’t give you the desired end result, because with a blunt knife or shears you actually close off the opening through which your flowers feed from the water. This will lead to hanging or sometimes even rotten flowers. Make sure that your knife or shears are always sharp and clean making it easy to cut a bit off the stem so the flower or branch can take up all the necessary water and nutrients. Clean your shears or knife and dap dry after every use.

Flower shears

The curved, super sharp top blade of flower shears make it easy to cut through even the toughest of stems. Fast, sharp and straight as well..a knife. We use them to cut branches and thick flower stems. Don’t use your flower shears to also cut (iron) wires as they can make your cutters blunt. Don’t own a pair of flower shears? Order a pair from the bloomon stylesheet (a pair of shears + handy bloomon teatowel) via your account .


The most used tool if you ask us. From potato knife to pocket knife: as long as the blade is clean and sharp, all kinds work well. You use it to cut off the stems but also a bit of rope if needed.


When cutting floral threads or wires, use a specific pair of plier or scissors. It’s a tool with long parts and a short cutting part often used for iron wires.

There’s more to come, so keep an eye out for our blog and get creative!