Floral chores - Amaze with your vase

Floral chores - Amaze with your vase

Relaxing floral odd jobs for in and around the home

Spring is on! This is the perfect time for floral odd jobs in and around your home. From finding the best floral arrangement tools to new ways of flower arranging: these upcoming weeks, we’ll roll up our sleeves together, and share tips & tricks to nice floral chores. Easy to do, even when you’re lacking a green thumb! This time we take a look at your cabinet of vases.

Browse in your own cabinet of vases

Choosing the right vase makes a big impact on the look of your bouquet. Make sure that the flowers ‘stand properly’ in your vase. When using a minimal high vase, your flowers will be upright. A round vase allows you to place your flowers more in a diagonal zig-zag. Making your bouquet appear fuller and rounder. Your chore this time: get the perfect collection. The basic models that are always on our shelf:

Mathew vase or bullet vase

This model is perfect for a modern or rustic field bouquet. The neck is a bit smaller than the vase itself. Stems get all the space they need to grab attention, while the bouquet still has a unified look.

Cylinder vase (high and medium-high)

In a cylinder vase, your flowers stand upright. This vase is very suitable for long flowers like gladiolas. But also branches like magnolia look great in a straight tall vase.

Laboratory vase

A laboratory vase has a wide bottom and a small neck. The small neck keeps the bouquet together and the stems are wide at the bottom. This shape is perfect for a horizontal or round bouquet and looks great on your table.

V-shaped vase

This is a real classic, a vase just like you imagine it. This vase goes from small to wide and is perfect for simple bouquets where the stems just pop over the edge of the vase.

Mini vases

Additions to your vase collection: several mini-vases. According to us, one can never have too many. Use them for one or just a few flowers.

Still looking for the ideal vase? Why not swap with your neighbours or [take a look at our vase collection via your account]( https://www.bloomon.co.uk/login/ .

Think outside the vase

Feel like making a change in your home? There’s no need to paint your walls or get a new sofa to redo your interior style. With key items, like a statement vase, you can make a massive impact! Why not make it stand out even more by placing it somewhere new, like on a stack of books, on your bookcase or your kitchen island.

Add a contemporary twist to your vase

Some vases end up in the back of your closet. Throwing out is wasteful, so we like to challenge you to get creative. Give your vases a new look by (spray-)painting them in a pretty colour or add a nice pattern. A fun way to create a custom eyecatching vase!