Fall head over stems for the world's 5 most beautiful flower fields

Fall head over stems for the world's 5 most beautiful flower fields

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Flowers are enchanting — especially when they grow untamed in the fields of Mother Nature. Blending beauty with purity, they're a sight to behold.

Flower fans, get ready to indulge yourself. From a field spun entirely of spider lilies to a sea of lavender in France, these are our top five selections of the most beautiful flower fields in the world.

Purple waves in the Provence

If you find yourself in the French Provence next year, we highly recommend you take a relaxing trip to the lavender fields. You can unwind to the soothing scent of lavender as you gaze at the vast fields of purple splendour. In August, the fields are truly at the best and brightest as they sway in the summer rays. You can find them at the foot of the Mont Ventoux in the Pays de Sault, in the Pays d'Apt and Luberon and in the Enclave of Valréas.

Fire flames in Japan

Japan steals your heart. Not only with the distinct culture and the delectable food, but also with their wildflowers. Every year, Mount Fuji rolls out its fuchsia pink carpet, which consists of around 800,000 shibazakura — or flame flowers. This 'sea of flames' blooms from mid-April to the end of May, and can be admired during the Fuji Shibazakura Festival.

A sea of gold in China

Come March, there is only one place to be; Yunnan province in South-west China when the endlessly-long canola fields are in full bloom. To celebrate this stunning event, the Chinese organise the Canola Flower Festival every year — a flower party where you can put your hands in the flowers and fill your stomach at the same time. Fun fact: entrance is totally free.

The Gardens of God in South Africa

As the European summer turns to fall, spring is slowly breaking through in South Africa. After a wet season full of rain, bright orange daisies pop out of the ground everywhere. This gives a wonderful view over the open fields between, and on, the mountainous landscape. If you're looking for a little adventure whilst there, visit Skilpad Wildflower Reserve where you can find a five-kilometre-long ride through stunning flower fields.

Spider lilies overflow in Japan

If red is your favourite colour, clear your agenda for this event. In Japan, you can not only find a carpet full of purple flowers and cherry blossoms, but also fields of red spider lilies — also known as Manjushage or Lycoris radiata. From September 15 to 30, the Japanese celebrate the flowering of thousands during the Spider Flower Festival. You only pay a little over two euros to witness it, after which you the Kinchakuda fields will take your breath away.

We might not be able to offer you a field full of flowers, but a bouquet of special, seasonal stems should certainly do!