Experience the outdoor feeling indoors with 3 trends

Experience the outdoor feeling indoors with 3 trends

Make your interior blossom

Are you celebrating the summer at home this year? Now is the time to make your place a nice home. Changes in your interior makes you fall in love with your own place again. To inspire you, bloomon Art Director Ferdinand tells you about the most beautiful interior design trends of the season.

Outdoor interior

In the summer months we like to be outside. But how nice is it when you can retreat to your shelter in the evening and experience the same outdoor feeling inside? Ferdinand: "To bring the outside feeling inside, you surround yourself with warm natural tones and rough textures. Furniture made of natural products such as rattan, linen, pottery and stone do wonders for the cosy atmosphere in the house. Strengthen the atmosphere with natural elements such as grass and dried flowers. Finally, complete the look with a bunch of fresh seasonal blooms!

Earth tones

Earth tones are totally hot and make you feel at home. Ferdinand: "Shades that are currently dominant in the latest interior design trends are warm tones of a summer oasis with terra cotta, soft pink and copper tones. Materials such as ceramics are also back on the scene. Take a look at our ceramic vases in our vase overview.

Dried flowers and grass

Dried flowers and grass is a trend that continue to steal the show. Fortunately, this it will stay with us for a while, because we can't get enough of it! Ferdinand: "Dried flowers give a rustic and romantic twist to your interior and are a must-have in any home. There are no rules for this trend. Go for exuberant and playful and let them shine as a centrepiece in your interior. Or make the corners of your home cozy with something smaller.