Experience No.04 Joie Florale: bloomon x Marie-Stella-Maris

Experience No.04 Joie Florale: bloomon x Marie-Stella-Maris

A feast for your senses and your interior

Unwinding to the luxury of a full bloom at home is an indulgence you deserve. That's why Amsterdam’s scent experts bloomon & Marie-Stella-Maris teamed up to channel our shared intuition and creativity.

Introducing No.04 Joie Florale — an exclusive, limited-edition candle that creates an immersive atmosphere and adds warmth to every room.

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Love for luxury

Over the past four months, we tested different aromas with two scent seekers from Marie-Stella-Maris. The result; No.04 Joie Florale brings Scandinavian sensitivity to the surface, with a touch of French luxury. A down-to-earth combination of earthy base notes with an energetic floral finish that reflects the soul, playfulness, and passion of both brands.

"No. 04 Joie Florale is an experience for the senses — just like flowers"

  • Paul Aguirre, Creative Director bloomon

The sensual scent of the matthiola figaro — illustrated on the glass holder — predominates. It’s a fragrance that gives each interior a special, atmospheric twist; an essential that you can’t help but love.

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The flavour of autumn

No.04 Joie Florale transforms the mesmeric joy of a floral bouquet into a candle that's rich in scent and tone. As we described above, matthiola figaro light rose predominates, complemented by green notes. Sandalwood, lathyrus, moss and patchouli represent the heart of the fragrance, and the base consists of musk, dry wood, lavender and cedar wood.

Indulge yourself with the luxury of endless, romantic nights by candlelight and start your journey into a new floral philosophy. No. 04 Joie Florale is available online at bloomon.co.uk , and marie-stella-maris.com .