Exclusive: This is where your peony comes from

Exclusive: This is where your peony comes from

Peonies are finally in bloom! In our video about how we grow them, it’s peony season all year round!

We deliver it in a tiny bud. But, after a day or two in your vase, it blooms to become the undisputed star of your bouquet! Its countless billowing petals in soft pastels. Perfection. We are, of course, talking about the peony! Instagram’s — and indeed the world’s — most beloved flower.

Have you always had a budding desire to know how peonies are grown? Join us for an exclusive look behind the garden, where our green-fingered peony grower, Niels Molenaar, takes you on a tour of his farm to give you a peek into how your peonies go from bud to your bloomon bouquet.

'Every single peony should be an eye-catcher'

  • Niels Molenaar

Niels is the most passionate person we’ve ever met when it comes to peonies. That’s why we call him our purveyor of peonies with confidence. Last year, we bought over 200,000 perfect peonies from him during peony season! Of course, both Niels and bloomon are absolute sticklers for high quality — and it comes fresh from his lovingly maintained fields.

Like a pearl in an oyster

Peonies are precious. Representing good fortune, they are gems to be treasured. There's always a frenzy waiting for peony season because it is short. Lasting roughly late April to mid-June. And, once peonies are in the vase, they last just a week. We always deliver our peonies in-the-bud, so that you get the maximum life of the flower at home!

Peony care tips

  • You didn’t spill honey on your peony-bud, they naturally have a sticky coating! As they bloom, this sweet nectar attracts pollinators. Don’t worry, we don’t include critters in your bouquet.
  • Sometimes peony buds have trouble blooming through all that sugary-nectar. Fix this by holding the peony bud, facing down, under a soft jet of cool water. This should unstick the petals so they’ll bloom in your vase.
  • Use a clean, sharp knife or secateurs cut the stem on an angle. This makes it easier for your peonies to drink up and bloom.
  • Remove all the leaves that are below the vase rim.
  • Peonies — and your whole bloomon bouquet, for that matter — tend to open up much quicker in direct sun. help them last by keeping your peonies cool.
  • Change the water in the vase every 2-3 days to keep it sparkling clean.
  • Buds can be deceiving! Often, tiny peony buds will blossom 3-4 times their size.

We want more!

If you’d like more on flower care and making your flowers last longer, head over to our Tips & Tricks section on the blog.