DIY: modern Christmas wreath with fresh or dried flowers

DIY: modern Christmas wreath with fresh or dried flowers

The ultimate holiday must-have? The Christmas wreath! This year, the look is breezy and modern and easy to make yourself with fresh or dried flowers. Let the kids join in on the fun!

This is what you need

  • Pliers
  • Paper wire (wires covered with paper)
  • 3 or 4 Cornus branches (depending on the shape you want to create)
  • Fresh or dried flowers

Before you get started

Gather the flowers you want to use first. Want to enjoy your wreath for longer than one day? Then go for dried flowers. Larger dried flowers and grasses are more suitable as they’re are easier to attach. Rather use fresh flowers? Then pick flowers with strong stems like Limonium, berries, roses, Liatris and green leaves.

Step 1

Decide on the shape of your wreath. Why not go for a triangular or diamond shape? Carefully bend the Cornus branches to make them more flexible. This way you can shape them more easily as you want them. Tip: you can also spray-paint the branches in any colour you like beforehand to really add a personal touch. Why not go for Christmas red or green!

Step 2

Place the branches on the table in the desired shape. Make sure that the ends cross and tie them together with the paper wire. Really wrap the wire properly around the ends, to create a strong shape.

Step 3

The frame’s ready, so let’s start decorating. Tip: attach your creation to only one side of the wreath to create that breezy, modern appeal. Start with the green leaves and grasses as the base for the flowers, attaching them with the paper wire to the Cornus branch. Place the stems in opposite directions to create depth and structure. Don’t forget to have them overlap to hide the paper wire.

Step 4

Now that stems are attached together, you can add the flowers in between. Use the same method as described above, and attach the flowers in opposite directions. As a finishing touch, add some thin grasses and branches for a more playful effect.

Are all done? Well done! Now hang it on your wall or lay it on the table as a centrepiece. We’d love to see your creation, don’t forget to share a picture with #bloomon on Facebook or Instagram - you might inspire others too!